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Allergy or sensitivity

We’ve been lucky as N doesn’t seem to be allergic to anything…or didn’t until a few weeks ago.  He came up with a red blotchy face the day after I’d put children’s sun lotion on him, then 2 days after his arms had also gone a bit blotchy.  By the next day though all was back to normal, and I was searching out last year’s kids spray.

It was very strange as last year I used sprays on him with no problem so was surprised that this year with a supposedly ‘for sensitive skin’ lotion his skin had reacted.

Luckily friends online had had similar problems so could advise on what had worked for them.  So one online order later and we have Green People children’s sun lotion.  So far, so good.  No rashes or blotchiness after using it, although he has had a few heat rash pimples under his t-shirt.

He’s obviously got more sensitive skin than I thought although it doesn’t seem to bother him.  At least he’s quite happy to stand there while I put sun lotion on him…but think I need more practise as I seem to always miss bits on the back of his neck.

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