easy frozen yoghurt treat recipes you can make with the kids - Bubbablue and me

3 easy delicious frozen yoghurt snacks to make with kids

I go through phases with yoghurt.  Sometimes I’ll eat them all the time and others I’ll forget I’ve got some in the fridge (never fear, N usually scavenges my remaining yoghurts up).  I do struggle to finish a large tub off and do find I waste some though.

At the moment, I’m on a diet with no dairy, so the 3 remaining pots of yoghurt were coming close to their use by date.  Usually I’d leave them a couple of days, but I knew these wouldn’t be finished, so I decided to make some frozen yoghurt snacks to avoid wasting the yoghurt.

easy frozen yoghurt treat recipes you can make with the kids - Bubbablue and me

Here’s my 3 deliciously easy frozen yoghurt snacks that you can make with children

Frozen yoghurt drops

yoghurt making frozen yoghurt drops

You need:

Baking sheet
Greaseproof paper or silicone liner
Optional – sandwich bag (I used a resealable one)
Funnel or bowl to stand the bag in for filling

1, Line the baking sheet with the greaseproof paper.
2, Open the sandwich bag and stand it in the bowl or funnel
3, pour in the yoghurt to one corner of the bag, seal.  Then lift out and snip a small hole in the other bottom corner.
4, squeeze the yoghurt into the open corner, then put little dots or circles of yoghurt on the baking sheet.
5, transfer to the freezer and freeze for a couple of hours
6, once frozen, put the yoghurt drops into a bag, then when you want to eat take out as many as you need.

frozen yoghurt drops


They will melt back to liquid so need to be eaten straight away
I did the corner pour in method because you don’t find yoghurt squeezing out before you’re ready
If you have fruit pieces in your yoghurt, you’ll need to either sieve the fruit out, or use a small spoon and make small drops freehand.
If you want bigger snacks, you can make them in silicone cake cases like Grace does over at Eats Amazing.
One 125g pot of yoghurt, filled up a whole baking sheet

Frozen yoghurt bark

I’ve not done a bark recipe since I did my chocolate one a while back (must do that again, for Christmas presents I think), but I decided I’d try it with yoghurt.  Obviously not as handy for gifts because it needs to be kept frozen, but great for kids parties instead of ice cream.

frozen yoghurt bark decoration

You need:

Baking sheet
Greaseproof paper
Choice of sprinkles – chopped fruit (dry or fresh), chocolate, cake sprinkles, coconut, nuts

1, Line the baking sheet
2, pour the yoghurt over and spread out with a spoon or spatula to about 5mm thick.
3, Sprinkle on your toppings.  I went for a Christmassy theme of snowflake cake sprinkles and chopped glace cherries
4, Freeze for a couple of hours
5, When ready to serve, chop into pieces.

frozen yoghurt bark

Frozen yoghurt lollipops / popsicles

I’ve spotted frozen yoghurt cake pops (make inside cake pop  silicone moulds) but I decided to do flat lollipop instead and save on freezer space, because they can freeze lying down flat.

You need:

Baking sheet
Greaseproof paper
Lolly sticks – either flat or cake pop ones

1, Decide on the shape of your lollipops. If you want to be precise, draw the outline of the shape on the greaseproof paper then put face down on the baking sheet
2, Place lolly sticks with the end well into the shapes.
3, Either freehand drop the yoghurt onto the baking sheet, or use the sandwich piping bag technique to fill in the shapes.  You’ll need a reasonable layer to hold the sticks in. Wiggle the sticks if needs be to make sure they look secure.
4, Freeze for a few hours
5, Once frozen, store in locktight box with greaseproof paper to separate them.

You can add sprinkles before freezing, or drizzle melted chocolate over once frozen before freezing again for a special treat.

Hope you enjoy.

Have you used yoghurt to make frozen snacks?

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  1. I have never even thought of these. So easy to do too. This would be a big hit in our house I’d say because both kids love yoghurt.

  2. What great ideas that I would never have thought of!
    Love the way you have made the frozen yogurt bark…Perfect for when my little Nephew comes round to visit.

  3. I love these ideas. I always seem to have yoghurt hanging about and I think it would be great to make it into these snacks. I think they will be a hit with the kids

    1. Me too. I find the drops really handy just to have in a bag. The other day I just fancied something sweet, had a few drops and that was enough to stop the craving

  4. These are such great snack ideas for the kids. I really want to make some of those drops and the bark for my little one, he always wants a ‘treat’ these days and these would be the perfect healthy choice.

  5. LOVE the look and sound of that frozen yoghurt bark. My boys go through yoghurts like there’s no tomorrow, i’m pretty sure i’d be a millionaire if i had shares in Petit Filous. I’ll definitely be trying out this yogurt bark recipe though as an alternative for them, spice snack time up a bit! xx

    1. I’d stick with smallish chunks to avoid them melting while they’re eating it. And sensitive teeth are a not. But better than ice cream for them!

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