Keto week 9 meal ideas

Diet progress and keto week 9

It’s been a long week, especially regarding food planning both this week but also not knowing what’s going to happen over the next few weeks with coronavirus. Will we be able to get what we want from shops, fresh veg is so hard to store for a long time, eggs are already hard to come by, and carbs are so much easier to whip something up suitable for the whole family. I’m hoping if we get stuck at home, I can either rely on the slow cooker as we’ve tonnes of meat in the freezer or I can have a variation of what they’re eating rather than getting off my diet.

One of the things I’m liking is the speed and flexibility of what I can cook with keto. Generally most meals I can get on the table within 30 minutes, so even if I need to help N with homework, I am usually done eating by 7.  I prefer eating early, so it is a push but is possible.

Keto week 9 meal ideas

Diet progress

I’ve not seen much weight loss this week, although 2 pairs of jeans are really baggy on the legs and I can pull them off without undoing them.  I tried on next size downs jeans, but they’re just too tight to do up. So I need to trawl through my wardrobe to find old smaller size clothes that are bigger fit which might be wearable. It’s great to see my shape improving although I am going to have to start exercising soon in the hope of toning up a bit as I’m losing weight.

I am a bit worried about whether I’ll be able to continue my diet and meals when we eventually end up being stuck at home. Especially with the shopping aspect when it’s pot luck whether you get the food you’ve ordered.

For week 9 I had some of my favourite evening meals. Whenever I cook, N is always there hovering wanting to try some. He’s a real scavenger. But I’d probably do the same.

Here’s some of the meals I’ve been eating.

This upcoming week I want to try some more fathead dough recipes, and will hopefully be using the slow cooker more given I’m now working from home and need to cook for all of us.

  • Meatballs and stir fry veg
  • Meatballs in tomato sauce with baked eggs and mozzarella
  • Cauliflower and sausage bake with cheese sauce
  • Omelette with chicken, broccoli and cheese
  • Fathead dough pizza
  • Sausages, cauliflower mash (with cheese and butter, black pepper and a bit of nutmeg), and peas
  • Roast chicken and veg

Let me know if you’ve been trying some new recipes (keto meals or otherwise) that you’d recommend. And how your diet progress is going.

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