We may have a problem with beef

Uh oh.

For the second time this week, N has been fussy with food.

Not just any food.


What’s the issue, I hear you ask….he’s the son of a beef farmer.

Oops.  We had steak the other day, and he didn’t really eat much of it.  And today we had a lovely beef & chianti stew (well, generic red wine as I don’t know much about red, and just took one out of the wine rack).  He usually loves beef stew, and he scoffed the rest on his plate.  He had a bit of meat, but took the other bits out of his mouth to put on my plate.  Nice!


It was really nice and tender (off the farm meat as well, which is always good), so no idea what he’s faffing about.  The meat (and potatoes) is usually his favourite part of a meal, so hopefully it’s just a bit of a phase or teething or something.  

Let’s hope it’s a short phase, otherwise it doesn’t say much for his genes.

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