Childcare changes

Obviously I need to sort out a new job first, but come August, N’s childcare will be changing as youngest nephew will be starting school so his two days a week there will stop.

So decisions will need to be made about that worrying requirement of who’ll be available, suitable and affordable for looking after him.  I’d love for him to be in his day nursery full time if required as it’s all year round day care, plus he loves it there and it’s only round the corner from home.  But it’s extremely expensive, even within our area, so the alternative days I’ll have to rethink.

I’d like him to start at the local village pre-school, on the two days, but with that following school hours and terms I’d need wrap around care (hopefully OH and other family doing pick ups), plus I’d need to increase his day nursery hours during school holidays to compensate.  That’s a lot of extra money to pay out, even if family help out, as well as being complicated.

The alternative is childminder…I’ve heard there might be one in the village, but I’d need one that potentially we could continue to use once he’s at school.  So time to investigate that option.  Otherwise, I might have to resort to (at least during summer holidays), using holiday time to work only 4 days a week.  The end of choosing when I can take my holidays is gone.

I’m sure as he gets older, he’d be happy to potter around the farm and trail after his dad, but unfortunately there aren’t always safe jobs being done that he would be able to help out with.

Any other creative ideas on childcare, truly welcome.

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