Toddler helping with cooking

Trendy Toddler Tuesday – farm boy

It’s that time again, Trendy Toddler Tuesday is upon us after a bit of a break.  N’s been going through clothes so quickly at the moment (not growth wise, just dribbling something chronic, getting muddy etc), it’s a good job he’s got plenty in the wardrobe.

At the moment he’s been wearing jeans quite a bit – he looks so grown up in today’s clothes.   I love him in rugby or polo style tops although dribble bibs don’t sit that well with them.  Two of his last four molars have come through in the last couple of months, so I’ll allow him the extra dribbling over his usual drool.

Toddler helping with cooking
Loving the fact he’s been allowed to ‘peel’ the veg

Jeans – Asda (I think)

Tractor (of course) rugby shirt/top – Tu at Sainsbury’s.

Dribble bib – Funky Giraffe

Smile – model’s own!

I really like Sainsbury’s for toddler clothes.  The t-shirts and hoodies are great as they’re good quality, keep their shape well in the wash and don’t shrink, are usually a bargain (especially on their 25% off clothes promotions), and often the appliqued tops look just like the more expensive but not as well fitting (for N) Boden t-shirts.

He does wear a lot of brown and navy, in fact the whole of our house seems to wear a lot of navy, but he is a typical boy and it suits him.

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  1. Sainsbury’s do some lovely kids bits.

    We just got some Funky Giraffe bibs for our new baby, they are so fab! x

  2. He does rock a rugby shirt!! I think Sainsburys children’s clothes are good as well. I just don’t have a close enough Sainsburys so haven’t got many. I’ve bought some second hand though and they’ve held up well!

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