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Emotional times at toddler swimming lessons

I couldn’t believe it this week at swimming.  It was really emotional, and it didn’t even involve my child.   Well, of course he was there but for us it was just another swimming lesson.

It was ‘breathing’ week this week, so lots of bubble blowing while using the float to maintain good body position.  N actually seemed to get the breathing this week, and it’s always good when he manages to do something he’s never been that keen on at last.  Yes, he was putting his face into the water (well, mouth and chin) and blowing bubbles while swimming.  In fact, he was doing really well, until I realised that maybe he was just making bubbly noises and shapes with his mouth, and not actually exhaling.  I asked him after 2 widths of practising

‘Are you blowing or just making bubbly lip noises?’

‘Making my lips go funny’.  Hmm, some work to go there, although it’s a start.  He’s a bit obsessed with making silly fish mouth noises and shapes, so he’s obviously transferred that skill into the water!

He did refuse to jump in the pool from the side which was very unusual as he’s normally quite happy stand on the side and leap in.  We did stay in the pool at the end of the session for a bit and he did redeem himself on the jumping with two huge jumps so I’m not sure what was going through his mind at the time he was meant to be doing it alongside all the other children.

I think the lesson overall was a bit distracting for him.  He’s not got the biggest attention span, so seeing the guys coming and setting up for a photo shoot at the other end of the pool was really too exciting to continue swimming.

But the most exciting bit of the lesson was the tunnel swim.  N loves that part where the children dive in from the side, and swim under a woggle tunnel to their parent at the other end.  I can’t understand why it would be so exciting, but the children love it.

N did pretty well, he swam probably the longest he ever done to me which was great.  But amazingly one girl swam pretty much the width of the pool all on her own.  We were all cheering her on, and she just kept going.  It was fabulous to see, and I almost had tears in my eyes.  God knows what I’ll be like when it’s N doing that.  I’ll be in pieces!

So big achievements on the way for our class, so hopefully over the next few months there’ll be more of them managing to swim without an aid


Disclosure: We swim with and blog for Water Babies.  All words and views are my own.

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    1. There are twins in our swimming lesson. The mum takes one in the pool, and either the dad or gran takes the other one. I think it does confuse the kids as there’s always one who’s not happy either in the changing room or the pool. But it’s definitely good to try and find a way if possible. Must be hard doing all the baby things with one pair of hands with twins.

  1. I love swimming lessons with both of mine. Each class is like a mini support group for the kids to cheer them on. I have had a few classes where one child does something amazing like this and we all cheer. It’s a great feel to it. I bet you all made her day! They really are special moments for our kids and other kids to be altogether and learning a great skill at the same time.

    1. Oh yes, the cheering really boosts them, especially when they’re really surprised they’ve achieved what they have. Thanks for commenting

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