First half term of Year 3 completed

The first half term of the year had ended, surprisingly quickly – only 6 weeks into the school year. N’s not a child who changes and struggles up to the holidays, although he has slept in til 7ish twice this week. I think I needed half term more than he did.

We’ve had an inset training day first, then I’ll have 2 days of leave during the actual half term. Inset day coincided with Banbury’s Michaelmas Fair so we stuck to quick morning activities to fit everything in for the day.

But how did the first half term go for N. His first part of year 3 and key stage 2.

Settling in

After the initial shock of how much homework there was, it’s now settled down into the routine and N’s coping well. So far, he’s done all his homework, although his lack of reading every day still drives me potty.

There was a little blip in class early on one Friday when he misheard a task and got upset because he then got it wrong. But that was temporary upset; he likes the class and the people he sits with in class.


N still loves maths and apart from some moans about reading comprehension, he doesn’t mind English either. I can really see the difference from last to this year in his spellings. When he stops to think about them. His handwriting is also quite near (mostly) – I think he’s determined to get his pen licence as early as possible next year.

Their topic has been Ancient Greeks and N keeps coming out with facts about battles and famous ancient Greeks. I never know whether he’s learnt these at school or from Horrible Histories.

Extra curricular

As he’s doing a private tennis session in school once a week, N’s started doing multisports as an after school club. They do a different sport each week, and he’s enjoying trying these although I wasn’t too sure about the ‘Extreme Dodgeball’! Hopefully it’ll help his movement and general ball skills for his tennis as well as him being more involved in team sports.

end of year 3 half term - Bubbablue and me

Cross country club is no longer a regular for him but he’s very dedicated to choir. N does tend to sing a lot at home, and I’m hoping he enjoys it enough to continue. There was even mentioned of music lessons at one point but he’s not mentioned them again. I  don’t think would actually do any practice. Recorders have continued this year though. N wants a recorder at home so he can practice, because they now have to leave theirs at school (he was one of them who forgot theirs one day!).


This hasn’t been going well. N’s still ok with general uniform. But several times school shoes have been brought home (there’s confusion before swimming because he doesn’t always have time to change into his outdoor shoes) and then left at after school club for 2 days. Meaning he’s not allowed out at breaktimes because of bringing mud back inside.

His book folder has also been left at home one day. Sigh. I need to get N thinking more about all this stuff as he walks out of the door.

Winning and Losing

I think N is a pretty good loser. Certainly better than me, although he does query and check everything has been done fairly. He’s been used to playing games fairly against me and has learnt you can’t always win. So far this term, there’s been the school council voting for class reps. After saying he didn’t want to stand, he did. And when he didn’t get voted in N was a little sad. Next year he’ll have to make sure he reads out his own speech! But after losing that, he’s already been thinking about points to raise with his class rep.

Then there was the local school’s football tournament. N doesn’t really like football (except being in goal although he’s not as capable there as he thinks). But he was so convinced that all of Year 3 would be First half term of Year 3 completedplaying (it was a Y3 & Y4 tournament). Of course it was mainly Year 4s and a few year 3 players. N wasn’t convinced about his being left out, until I reminded him that there are children in his year who play in club teams as well as school club. So would be picked ahead of him.

It makes me laugh how he forgets these things until they’re pointed out. Then he’s fine with the decisions made and teams put forward. N isn’t put off and said he’s sure he’ll get a chance next year.

Now it’s a chance for a week off. A bit of homework – they have to do a recipe for the fundraising recipe book again – I’m wondering if we can just pay without having a copy of the book, rather than having another book we’ll never use.

Overall, it’s looking like it could be another good year for N at school.

How’s schoo going for your children this year so fa?

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