dodgems lined up at michaelmas fair

Project 52 2018 week 42 – Michaelmas fair

This week has been a bit quieter, even though it was the run up to half term. Only 4 days at work, and an inset day.

Sunday was the second tennis match. I did the scoring (the most terrifying thing ever in front of lots of parents). N won all 3 of his matches, and his team won the matches they played. Just unfortunately that they still didn’t have a girl which meant they forfeited 3 matches the number 4 boy played and ended up losing. The next 2 matches they do have a girl, so we’ll see how they go against the better teams in their league.

I had a couple of nice lunches out with work collagues. One a celebration for the launch of a big project at a Nepalese restaurant. It’s an amazing place – lunch 3 courses at £6.95! And the food is really good. I’m not even going to ask how they can do it so cheaply. Then the next day with a couple of friends to celebrate my birthday (a bit late). It was lovely to get out and enjoy colleagues’ company.

Friday N had an inset day, so we headed over to the Riverside Hub which had been recommended. It’s basically a massive soft play frame but with lots of other activities like a climbing tree and go kart. N had a great time there, and we’ll definitely be back.  The afternoon we spent a bit of time at Banbury’s Michaelmas fair. N loves the rides but he’s more excited by hook the duck stalls.

Saturday was swimming lessons and a session making candy apples. Lots of fun and treats to eat over the next couple of days.

dodgems lined up at michaelmas fair


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  1. Hi Emma, what a shame N’s tennis team were penalised for not having a girl on the team, but the rules is the rules, I suppose… Tow lunches out in one week? You may get used to it. I think I’d rather not know how a three-course meal can be knocked up for so little… Have fun making toffee apples!



  2. A three course meal for £6.96! That’s amazing. This Riverside Hub also looks like fun. May have to explore it with the kids next time I am in sunny Oxfordshire. #mysundayphoto

  3. We’re off to Bultins next weekend as we always do for Halloween. The kids love the fairground there, especially because they can go on the dodgems all day for free!

  4. hook a duck is fun.
    Our places seem to do cheap meals but then slam you £3.99 for a syrup based soft drink, and I personally begrudge that as you have to take a drink with a meal and the alcohol is cheaper than the soft drink but I don’t do alcohol.

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