ASA swimming badge 1 toddle

First swimming badge celebration

Last week, N’s class were given their first swimming badges.  All except one in the class had managed to achieve their Stage 1 swimming badge and certificate (she doesn’t come to many of the lessons so had missed the weeks they were being assessed).

They were all so excited and I was so proud of N and what he’s now able to do.  It’s great how they learn and progress, especially after our year of water wobbles we had from about 8 months old.

ASA swimming badge 1 toddle

Some of the toddlers in the class can swim a few metres unaided, one girl is particularly good at star floats so can now swim on her back as well.  N is going to take longer as he hates star floats, and is a bit half hearted about kicking.  But he can go a little way unaided, and swim 25 metres with a woggle so he’s building up his strength.

What he does love is splashing in, swimming with a woggle, putting toys under his top when swimming on his back, and anything involving the giant mats.  So (mostly) he loves his lessons, and hopefully that will continue as he progresses to swimming on his own.

The terms of 10 weeks do seem to whizz by, so it’ll be interesting to see what new activities  there are, and what expectations are of them next term.


Disclosure: We swim with and blog for Water Babies, but all opinions and words are my own.

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    1. Definitely. He’s really chuffed too – keeps wanting to take the badge places to show people. Now I just need to sew it on his towel or something!

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