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Project 365 – week 7

It’s week 7 and I’ve struggled this week.  The weather’s rubbish which means I’m not managing to get out for a walk at lunch times.  Next week, must try better!  I can’t wait for the better weather, so that means more trips out and more interesting and varied photos!

#365 photos
  • Another 3rd birthday party.  All the ‘puddings’ at the soft play on offer were dairy based, so the mum who’s a friend and N’s key worker at his nursery school, had got N a dairy free chocolate lolly.  Really lovely of her to think of that, and he lapped it up!
  • Evenings after nursery aren’t spent doing much. Organising tea, maybe some books or playing, otherwise a bit of tv.  N does like to tip out his wooden railway, and sit in the box.  Obviously a good viewing spot.
  • I spotted this AC/DC t shirt in Sainsbury’s amongst some other band t-shirts and had to get it for N. He loves it, insisted on wearing it into nursery, and then spent the rest of the week removing it from the washing basket and putting it on again.
  • N’s all of a sudden got really picky about which crockery and cutlery he uses (adult size, proper china), and he also always wants a straw.  This one was in the party bag, and like another he has, I put it through the dishwasher.  It was a square shape before…not anymore.
  • I turned round this day to find N had emptied his craft box, grabbed his (pretty useless) kids scissors to try and cut open the crisp packet.  Turns out he’d seen his Gramps opening a packet of crisps by cutting them, hence his attempt.
  • N came home from nursery with a Valentine’s card.  I’ve no idea who it was for, as he wouldn’t let the nursery staff write in the card.  When I asked him if it was for me, I was told ‘no, it’s mine).  Charming!
  • We headed to Stratford upon Avon today to see what the river was doing.  We had to loiter and see the swans, geese and ducks, I managed to grab some good bargains (more to come another time) and we had a bit of a wander round.  I love Stratford (usually in the better weather), and it’s great living within reasonable distance to so many places (via boat!)
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  1. Wonderful – so glad to find your blog through 365 and this is a great round up of super photos! My 5yo made a valentine’s card for herself which we were asked to sign for her – also charming! The boxes thing is a favourite here too, as well as lining things up – I am lucky enough to work with some early years specialists and they told me about “schema” – a way that children prefer to play either most of the time or in phases including “enclosure” (boxes!) or positioning (lining up!) which is explained more here if you’re interested: http://education.scholastic.co.uk/content/6681

    1. It was great, as it was only £8 and the ones on Amazon were £15. Ours had Beatles ones, and another band I can’t remember. Definitely worth checking out.

    1. It’ll last him ages as well, as I got age 5. It’s like a dress, but he loves it (I’d have preferred a darker base colour but hopefully it won’t go grey too quickly!

    1. Easy presents at least. But those of the cardboard variety do just clutter up the place. He’s got a huge one that’s a ship at the moment – I thought the OH would do his usual tidy up and burn it on the fire, but it’s still hanging around.

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