Change from newborn to 3 year old
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Interview with a 3 year old

I spotted this interview sometime last year, and did it with N when he was 2 ½.  I can’t say his answers made much sense, so it’ll be interesting to see what he says now he’s turned 3.  He’s now better at talking and has a better understanding of the world.

Change from newborn to 3 year old
As a newborn (1 day old) and a 3 year old
  1. What’s your favourite colour?  No, don’t have one
  2. What’s your favourite toy? Plough and tractors
  3. What’s your favourite food? Sausages (nothing like a bit of unhealthy food!)
  4. What’s your favourite tv show? Don’t like show (hmmm, think he’s lying here)
  5. Where do we live? Earth, here
  6. What does mummy do? Works
  7. What does daddy do? Jobs
  8. Who’s your best friend?  Rexy (his cousin)
  9. What do you want to be when you grow up? do jobs
  10. What’s your favourite thing to do with mummy? don’t know
  11. What’s your favourite thing to do with daddy? jobs on the farm
  12. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Don’t
  13. What makes you happy? Peter Rabbit
  14. What makes you sad? Don’t know
  15. What makes you scared? Nothing
  16. What’s your favourite sport? Throw the ball
  17. What’s your favourite book? Don’t know

I don’t think N’s really cut out for question and answer sessions.  Especially considering he’s usually so vocal and jabbers on about everything and anything.

Hopefully next year, I’ll have some more thoughtful answers!

What kind of answers do your children give?

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    1. It’s great to start and then be able to look back and compare each year. I have to say I was surprised N wasn’t more chatty, but I’ve tried the questions over several days and he’s not really playing ball.

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