Meal Planning Monday: 11th March 2013

This week is where things start to change routine-wise and we’re not sure what’s going to happen with teas now I’m back at work.  Before I would have done my mail meal at work where possible as there was a canteen and microwave for leftovers etc, and OH would eat at the farm, N at nursery.  But now my commute is smaller, so on nursery days I’ll still be able to cook for normal time to be ready when N’s in bed, and on non-nursery days N will likely continue to have tea with his dad at the farm, and I’ll sort out whatever for myself.

It works quite well as it means N still eats at his usual time, and we still get play time without too much stressing over food preparation at the same time…I hope.  It does mean that I’ll need to remember to get anything frozen out in the morning so it’ll be defrosted by the time we need it.  So we’ll see how it goes.

It’ll also mean less puddings, as usually I’d prep in the afternoons, so it’s easier just popping in the oven or doing it in advance. There won’t be enough time, so hopefully that’ll help on the getting back to my diet!

Our meal plan for this week:

  • Monday: Gammon steaks
  • Tuesday (me): Leftover cottage pie (for lunch at work)
  • Wednesday: Honey & Mustard chicken
  • Thursday (me): stir fry noodles (use leftovers for lunch next day)
  • Friday: maybe fish & chips although that would be after N was back from nursery so not sure he should really have 2 teas.  Or chicken alfredo
  • Saturday: Salmon (of some variation)
  • Sunday: roast of some sort

Puddings: probably crumble, raspberry steamed pudding.

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    1. That’s what I’m hoping for. An hour to cook and prepare food with no help from anyone else, plus trying to spend time with N, doesn’t give a lot of options.

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