Toddlerisms 7: Mine

Turning 2 means the likelihood that ‘mine’ becomes one of a toddlers favourite words.  With N it’s taken over from ‘no’.

Everything is ‘mine’ at the moment.  He’s not got the ‘yours’ yet, just ‘mine’.

So, that’s food.  Grabbing the plate at the same time in fear that it may get removed if he’s not looking or holding onto it.

Or toys.  The current favourite is his wooden train set.  He asks me (or yesterday it was Grandma) to help build it, then gives me one of the trains.  No carriages.  He has to have all of the carriages.  All 5 or 6.  The train won’t go round properly like that.

Wooden train set
N’s ownership of as many carriages as possible

So I try reasoning with him, stealing one as he pushes them round, and all manner of attempts to get at least one carriage, but he has none of it.  He just shouts ‘mine’.

Highly amusing, and thankfully he will usually share or give items to other people if asked, but it does get a bit non-stop with the ‘mine’ comments.  I guess we’ve got the ‘why?’ to look forward to next.

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