Music exploration - playing a piano tuning app game

Music Exploration 23 – Young musician of the year

And, again I’m late with our Music Exploration post this month.  Maybe I should change the date?!  Or not.  Anyway, this month has been an interesting mish mash music wise, but largely it’s been focused on learning instruments and the return of the ipod.

This month, we have

Listened to

The ipod.  Now I’ve got a new car, my CDs are in the house again, so I’ve put the ipod back into the car.  A few new track updates and N’s been enjoying picking what to listen to rather than living with what I decide to have on the radio.  Mostly he asks for rock, although it seems he’s not a fan of Bon Jovi disappointingly.

Whenever there’s a track he likes, he’ll pipe up from the back seat ‘Mummy, this is a nice song’ which makes me chuckle. Nowadays, he’s also less likely to tell me to turn down the radio.

Watched and sung along to

A lot of truck videos on YouTube.  N has been very excited about his US based truck songs he’s found while trawling his favourite videos on YouTube.  So much so, that he’s made me watch them and look out for the funny food truck.  I’m not sure I know what I’m exactly looking for because I’ve not spotted it yet.  The songs are just descriptive of the different types of trucks in the (long) video, and they’re obviously US rather then UK lorries.  But they remind me of Tractor Ted songs, perfect for Early Years learning in spotting the different trucks types.


Piano tuning games.  Yes strange but true.  N is loving playing the ‘tuning’ game. Whenever my brother comes over he likes to knock out the couple of tunes he can play on the piano.  It needs a good tuning, but that doesn’t stop N asking for him to get out his tuning app on his phone.  He uses it for his guitar, but we could easily hear the piano was flat.  More fun for N was trying to sing the same note as the tuner.  He needs a bit of work on recognising the pitch, but he’s not far off.

Music exploration - playing a piano tuning app game

I asked N if next year he’d like to learn to play an instrument at school and he said the piano.  I think that was because we were sitting at it, but he seemed quite determined.  We’ll see come September if he changes his mind (and if there are any spaces for year 1 children).


‘The wise man built his house upon the rock’ in his class assembly.  His class assembly was about building, so they added the song complete with actions.  It was really sweet although I couldn’t hear N at all.  He did treat me to a rendition the next day though.


Young Musician of the Year.  I used to dream of being in the competition as a child, although I had to limit myself to a local competition instead.  But I’m always keen to share the different instruments with N and see if he’s interested in any specific one.  Unfortunately he wasn’t keen on watching much.  There’s an awful lot of chatting to the musicians so a little boring for children, but I’m not sure the strings are quite him.  Maybe if we’d started with percussion he’d have been more interested.

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