New year new body

I’ve joined in with Liz’s ‘new year new body 2013‘ challenge.  Having lost weight through being really disciplined before, I thought post birth it would be fairly straightforward to get back to it.  Unfortunately I’d not counted on the ‘I’ve had a baby’ reasoning, lunches out with the NCT girls, sweet tooth and having a friend setting up a cake business while we were on mat leave, continuing to eat like I had during pregnancy, and finding it hard to exercise.

Then being back at work, I just couldn’t get back into hardcore diet and exercise regime.  Previously I used to dance 3-4 times a week as well, which gave me some leeway on eating too much rubbish.

I should have known better really, as I know if I don’t exercise first thing in the morning, I just won’t.  And if I don’t weigh regularly, I’ll get lazy.

So almost 2 years down the line, enough is enough and I’m back on track (aided by new year).  Being at home at the moment is helping things too as N’s being a bit hit and miss on what time he’s waking in the morning, and I need him to sleep til at least 6.45am so I can get in my 30 minutes exercise.  So today I could start on my proper exercise again.

I’d already started calorie counting (using My Fitness Pal app – so much easier than having to be on the laptop), and have re-tried listening to my Slimpods which compared to last time where I found myself wanting to eat more instead of less, seem to be going well.

But proper exercise was hard.  I had started using the 10 minute workout system of dvds last February and had 3 weeks of using it daily, managing to lose quite a bit of weight in that time, but ended up having virtually an ongoing sore throat so just couldn’t exercise through it.  But now, I’m back to it.

Yes it’s a killer, but 10 minutes intense exercise (I did 30 minutes/3 sets today – handy as you can choose 1, 2 or 3 sets), must work along with watching what you eat.  Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have got fully back on the healthy bandwagon, and started seeing some good results.  Hopefully within 6 months, I’ll be back in most of my clothes, with only a little left to lose before moving to maintenance.

My theory is, using lots of different tools will mean I can’t fail.

(Plus there’s a bonus.  With calorie counting and exercise, I can still eat cake!)

I’m also entering this post into MoneySupermarket’s Get Fit Feel Epic competition which I heard about at YummyMummyintraining’s blog.  I could do with all the help I can get, so winning would be a brilliant boost to my weight loss.

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  1. You won’t fail. I find it difficult with a little one and a family to diet (too many nice things in the house) and exercise (too tired after running around after C all day). Am looking at doing the 5:2 diet along with some of the 10 minute solution DVDs, just need to buy them. No rush as no big events coming up and not a resolution this year.

    1. I used to use a Micah Bo dvd which was 30 mins and was also good, but you did really need to do the whole time. Whereas the 10 minute stuff can be done in chunks. And I can just do a few of the exercises when I’m stood in the garden waiting for N to stop picking up and putting down the gravel!

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