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October School days in Year 4

October has been a busy month at school, even with the fun of half term at the end.  They certainly cram in a lot, but N still likes school even though he grouches about some things.  Usually being disturbed by people talking or fussing during class, or missing out on events due to changes. But I’m glad he enjoys school as that’s really important in his learning.

Here’s this month’s school days for what has been going on for October.

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Sports council

The results of the council elections were delayed due to their class’s count up and announcement. Unfortunately N didn’t get one of the 3 sports council positions.  He was most put out because several of the children who got positions across the councils already sit on councils, he didn’t think their speeches were as good as others.  I reminded him that he’ll still have 2 more years to stand for sports council, although I think he’d have liked to have been on at the same time as friends in different year groups.

Their year were all congratulated for their speeches they did, and the teacher has said they’ll get to help him out with sports jobs when he needs extra helpers or cover.  N has already worked the sports equipment shed again a couple of times and he quite likes that job, so I don’t think he’s that disappointed.

Learner of the week and VIP

N was chosen at Learner of the Week.  He was also in the offing for Star of the Week that week too, but got chosen for learner which is much more important to be rewarded for the efforts he puts in.

N was VIP earlier in the month too. It’s got to the stage where he’s not that excited about it, but I think it’s a nice thing for them to be awarded (even if he never seems to know the reason why).

Crisp packet recycling

Our school are fairly green already, but they’re now collecting crisp packets for the Terracycle scheme and a bit of fund raising.  I can help a lot with this, as my work already collect crisp packets, but rely on someone to take them about 30 minutes away to where she commutes past. So I’ve offered to take our recycling to school when she’s not around.  One huge bag already taken to school, and I’m sure we’ll be able to contribute more. Even the OH is handing his crisp packets over rather than throwing them out.

Football tournament disappointment

There’s always a Year 3 and 4 partnership schools football match. Last year the year 3s who didn’t get to play were told they’d be in the team when they got to year 4. Excitement was building, they’ve certainly been practising more than N would like in PE.

N, who isn’t even that much of a football fan, was really looking forward to the tournament. Only to find out the week before, that it was a girls only football tournament. He was gutted and quite indignant that ‘only 2 of the girls like football’. They were lucky as there’s only a few girls compared with boys in their class, so all who wanted to could play. If he’d been more confident and outspoken, I’m sure he’d have sparked a revolution with the disappointed boys. I can see their point – it’s disappointing that there isn’t an equivalent boys tournament running.  Although it makes me laugh, given he’s not even a huge fan of playing football.

PTA Nearly new sale

With my friend being chair of the PTA, I get to hear a lot more about what’s going on, and can try and get more involved. She’s really trying to move with events, and this month with very short notice, the PTA pulled off a nearly new sale. When I think how long it used to take to organise, advertise and set up NCT nearly new sales (admittedly on a larger scale and different format), this was amazing how quickly it got pulled together and set up.

It clashed with N’s swimming lesson so I just made cakes for the refreshments stand and then we helped set up beforehand. It was manic, but I do love getting involved with that kind of thing. It’s nice to know you’re doing some good, and it’s a great feeling with everyone working together. For such a small school, and selling all but the best items for 50p, we made a good profit for the PTA funds.


I don’t think drama is N’s thing, but he’ll usually give things a go. He refused to audition for this year’s key stage 2 Christmas performance which is a bit sad for me. But he didn’t enjoy the summer performance in the ensemble because there wasn’t any singing and they had to sit around for long stretches in rehearsals with nothing to do.  Maybe he’ll audition next year when there’s more chance of getting a speaking part.

Drama lessons have improved. N had a big moan about them a few months ago because he said only a few children got picked to do things and it was the same people. He didn’t want to just sit there and watch other people. I did think that was a bit odd, but after a couple of weeks of moans, October seems to have been better. Last week was hysterical with him telling showing me about the penguin racing they did. Complete with all the actions. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, but it certainly caught N’s attention and he really enjoyed the lesson.

Lunch table

N’s school sit in their school teams (or ‘house’) for lunch. He’s in the green team, which in the past has tended to be quite low on numbers compared to the other teams. Now he’s the oldest on his lunch table to have school dinners, so he’s the one who takes responsibility for clearing the table. Different year groups have different jobs to do, but some are too slow to finish so can’t help clear up, others have packed lunch so don’t need to help. Others don’t bother helping. N is getting a bit frustrated that he’s the only one that clears up for the younger ones most of the time.  I think it’s great that they have to take responsibility though.


Next term will be all change as there’s no swimming at school for N. Each term a couple of children in N’s year don’t go and next term will be N’s go to sit out. He’ll be gutted he misses the fun swim week before Christmas, but he’ll still get it with his out of school swimming lessons.

What’s been going on with your October school days?

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