tea on the green

Point and Shoot – cars, canals, fetes and cheeky monkeys

We had a manic weekend this weekend.  I can’t believe N was still waking up at 5.15 each morning, even though he was on the go all day.  Quick naps were needed for the first time in ages.

On Saturday morning my brother and I did a car boot sale.  We’re trying to clear out our mum’s house gradually as it’s taking a while to sell, so we don’t want to have a surprise and then find we’ve got a whole house to clear out come Winter.

car boot sale

It was a glorious day, and luckily the car was partially shading us from the sun.  It was nice to spend time with my brother, although I think N was gutted that he wasn’t allowed to come with us.

We didn’t have swimming as the pool was being used for a triathlon, so N and I popped down to the church fete in the village.  I remember the wonderful fetes of my childhood in a much larger village, and this was mini in comparison, although very well attended.  The sun was beating down and even though we were there for less than an hour, I did end up a little red on my arms and face.  Thankfully slapping on a bit of aloe gelly and nivea cream in the evening did the job to ease it.

N loved watching the ballet dancing girls

summer fete stall

Hanging out with his nursery friend by the toy stall.

tea on the green

We stopped for a drink and a scone in one of the houses on the village green that opened up the garden for the refreshments.

watching canal boats

Then on Sunday, I took the car in to get new tyres.  Despite being there just after opening, we were way down the queue so had plenty of time to watch the canal boats.

checking on the tyre change

N liked being at the garage.  He was helping me check that they’d done the job properly.  I should think so for over £300 for 2 tyres!  I was only expecting to change one, but had a screw in the other near the wall so there was no way they could repair it.

messy play

A quick rush home, bite to eat for me while N napped briefly, then back in the car (he had a picnic lunch on the way) to go and help out at our local NCT Cheeky Monkeys Tea Party.  Because I was volunteering, poor N was a bit of a lone ambler around the venue.  Luckily the outside messy play was in the hall’s garden, so he was safe enough being out there on his own.  He loved sitting in the cornflakes, although obviously realised he couldn’t do that when others wanted to play there as well.

messy shaving foam play

The shaving foam went down well, 

messy play

although he wanted to wash it off almost as soon as he’d played with it.

We also ate quite a bit of cake, failed to win anything on the raffle and did lots of chatting to others.  I think we really needed time off to recover from the weekend.

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  1. Very busy weekend. I could do a car boot with the amount of stuff I need to get rid of!

    1. We’ve been to surprisingly few village fetes this year – the best ones are the ‘fests round here but they’ve always clashed this year. Must get to some before the summer’s out. Thanks for stopping by

  2. I know. I was expecting around the £250 mark for two. They’re big cars, and I go for mid range, but even so. Plus just paid my car tax. Expensive month so far!

  3. That sounds like a jam packed weekend, my little guy loves going to the garage too and watching the work being done.

    Thanks for playing along with Point + Shoot xx

    1. N’s not usually that interested in cars (well, toys at least), but anything to do with our car, he wants to know what’s going on.

  4. Wow it looks like you have had some great days!! Lovely photos! Love the cornflakes idea, haven’t seen that one before – may have to steal that 😉

  5. Lovely pictures, and it does sound like you were very busy! Tyres are very expensive these days aren’t they!

    1. Disgusting price. The one I bought back in March was only £125 from the dealer, these for the same ones were over £150 each. Luckily the cheaper ones they realised were 4×4 ones, so put Continental that I wanted initially on for the same price. But still awful price. Especially when I’d only just had a new one 3 months ago.

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