massey ferguson drawing

Project 365 2017 week 26 – festivals and fairy lights

We’re halfway through the year, and marching on towards the summer holidays.  It’s been a pretty quiet this week, but I’m expecting things to get a bit more manic over the next few weeks. We’ve had quiet weekends and not much dancing on, so even at weekends it’s been calm and stress free.  I’m getting itchy feet and wanting to get out but N’s moaning he doesn’t want to go out as usual.

Here’s this week’s photos for Project 365.

On Sunday N decided he was going to draw a photo of the new tractor. His loyalty has quickly moved from John Deere to Massey Fergusons. He ignored my advice to start the writing at the front…it’s wrong evidently.

massey ferguson drawing

On Monday N was back on the smoothies again. He loves them so as soon as he spots bananas, he’s on for making smoothies.

drinking smoothies

On Tuesday I went dancing to my west coast swing lesson. It was a good class, but blimey, even with it raining outside and cooler than the previous week, it was boiling in there.  The hall always has a load of fairy lights hung around, but these ones were obviously surplus to requirements.

pretty fairy lights

On Wednesday, I had this delicious (half eaten) hotch potch lunch of crustless quiche, salad (including salad leaves from my colleague’s garden) and naughtily a couple of M&S posh sausage rolls.

summer quiche and salad

We’re off to Cornbury Music Festival next weekend courtesy of Dorset Cereals, and I’ve got a last minute giveaway for family camping tickets over on Instagram (closes on Monday 3rd July). I don’t really do Instagram work for others, and with no notice on Thursday, N was having none of it. Hence this terrible photo!

Dorset cereals cornbury festival

On Friday, I asked N if he would let me do a quick video of him for a review item. The serious face shows what he thought about that, although he did let me (fleetingly!).

serious face

The OH’s been looking for another dog for ages, but I’d heard no mention of it for a while, then N told my brother there were new pups. To my surprise over at the farm, these 2 had made themselves at home. So cute – the brown one is ours, and the black one is nephew number 3’s birthday present.  We’ve not had pups on the farm for 6 years, so it’s pretty exciting. Hopefully they’ll make friends easily with the other dogs.

new black and white puppy
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  1. Is the new dog a pet or a working dog for the farm or a bit of both? I love smoothies but don’t like bananas in them, I do however like banana juice on its own

    1. The new pups will hopefully be gundogs. To make up for the fact that our black lab is gun shy! Hopefully she’ll be a roaming dog rather than the springer which is too nuts to let run loose.

  2. Aww I love a puppy photo! What a beaut! Hehe your porridge photo did make me chuckle though! #365

  3. Smoothies are great for getting fruit into kids….He looks like he’s enjoying that one.
    That lunch looks very tasty….Hotch potch lunches are the best!
    Good luck with the puppies. Adorable x

    1. Agree on the lunches – great for summer for sure. N does love his fruit – he likes that he can choose what goes in the smoothies

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