chilling out at a friends

Project 366 2016 week 51

The penultimate week of Project 366, and it’s been a lot about Christmas prep obviously.  I was all set for us doing Christmas at home for us and my brother, then got an invite to our sister-in-law’s at the last minute with my brother. So it’ll hopefully be a bit more christmassy than us just being at home with ourselves.

Here’s this week’s 366 shots.

On Sunday N discovered the lightbox.  I bought it just after Christmas last year when I decided 2016 was going to be the year everyone most people I knew would have them for birthday presents.  But mine hadn’t been taken out of the box until this Christmas.  I have to say they’re a great idea for getting children to write and get creative!

playing with the lightbox

On Monday N appeared with this picture.  He told me he drew it, which is quite unlike any of the more basic childlike pictures he’s ever drawn before. Supposedly his reception friend I taught him how to draw hearts as well.  It’s meant to be a self portrait.

self portrait pictures

On Tuesday I finished work, having a flexi afternoon off.  N had been out with his dad on Monday while I worked, and on Tuesday, but after that it seemed the farm was out of favour – the jobs his dad was doing were too boring.  It meant he had a few hours to make his train.

making a toy train from chairs

This Christmas there’s been 4 requests for playdates.  The first was easy to organise on Wednesday, and we went over to N’s friends house. I’m friends with the mum too, so we had a good old natter while the boys played really well together. They don’t see each other much anymore, being at different schools, but still enjoy playing with each other.  N was a little piglet, even after lunch hoovering up whatever food was still around.

chilling out at a friends

On Thursday I didn’t take many photos, but the fridge caught my eye. N decided that all of his pictures, writing and words to learn from last year were out of date and had to go. So we have a mostly clear fridge- I’m not sure for how long though.

empty fridge front

On Friday it was appointments day. My hair cut in the morning, then dentist appointments for the 2 of us.  I thought N would stay on the farm, but he decided that the jobs on the farm were too boring so he would coe with me.  He was really good-  just got out his colouring and did that for most of the 45 minutes. One of the staff members was so impressed she kept telling me how good he was.  My little star!

colouring at the hairdressers

On Saturday, Christmas Eve, we got turfed off the farm so there could be a delivery without N being around.  We didn’t have plans to go out which the OH was annoyed about because of the delivery, but we just headed out to the park. N enjoyed his cycle round, and I can never resist pictures by this bridge.  It’s by quite a steep uphill slope and N can now cycle all the way up it in one go.

big ride uphill
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  1. I’m always a bit behind with the latest trends, i may look into a light box, assuming they sell them in dubai. that train looks like it provided a lot of entertainment

  2. never tried a light box, am I missing out on something?
    laughed at hubby wanting rid of you and you having no plans to go out.
    Nice he still goes on playdates and they still have enough in common to still want to meet up.

    1. Lightboxes – fun, but probably another something to clutter the house up over time.

      He’s very good 121, but offer him a party invite or school disco and he won’t go near it! Can’t be bothered with groups of people.

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