hobbycraft dress made out of fir branches and berries

Project 52 2019 week 43 – wet and windy

Week 43 of 2019 has been another typical dreary autumn week. Lots of rain and lots of wind, with only a few glimpses of sunshine and blue sky.

But onto our week for Project 52.

On Sunday it was mostly dry and we were lucky with the weather as N had a mini orange tennis matchplay at a local club. There is only four of them playing, 3 of whom were from his club. It was a close one, but N won by one set.

On Monday N announced his tonsils were up, so that was the theme of the week for him. I feel for him because while I had my tonsils out age 5 due to having tonsillitis a lot, and the OH has never been able to have his out and he really suffers when he gets ill. N’s tonsillitis is thankfully tame in comparison and this time was viral rather than bacterial. He was still ok apart from not being able to eat as much.

Tuesday we found out that at the tennis coach who does their private lessons at school isn’t actually leaving at half term, which means we’ve got her till Christmas. We never get that much communication from our coaches so it’s been a bit of chasing to find out what was going on. But it’s all sorted out for the moment.

On Wednesday I was surprised that N was given his flu nasal spray at school, given he was very full of cold and he said the spray just come straight out of his nose again. I’m not convinced it’s worked for him but we’ll see. Evidently it was the same for a few of them but only one person we know got a second dose.

Thursday was the last day of school before half term and my last day in the office before a day off. It’s always a bit frantic and having the last day on a Thursday messes with your head a little bit. They had non-uniform day which N always likes as long as there’s no dressing up involved.

On Friday N had an inset day and was on a mission. His cousin has got a new bed for his birthday and another couple of friends are getting new beds we decided once and for all that we would go in and order him a bed. He’s still using the bed that was his dad’s from 40 years ago. with probably the same mattress. The springs are really bad and it’s really saggy. We had been in to look at beds a while back but hadn’t really got anywhere. I was worried we weren’t going to get it up the stairs in the house and that the OH would be too attached to keeping the old bed (like he had been with the old chair).

I wanted storage underneath to try and get everything off the floor in N’s room. I’m not a fan of divan beds but they do have the drawers in rather than having to get boxes to put under a wooden bed. But with divan beds, the drawers are small plus one side of the bed will be up against the wall so we’ll only actually get to use one drawer. So we’ve decided on an ottoman which is extortionately priced but so much better for access and storage. I did like a wooden one with drawers in but it was flat packed and I didn’t fancy trying to put the bed together or waiting for the other half to do it. It will take a few weeks to arrive but N is so excited that he will have a decent bed.

He had tennis coaching that evening too the after that decided that he didn’t want to play tournaments over half term. I had to cancel the second one that I put him in which was back up for one in Oxford that I think is going to be cancelled. So we’ll see if the Oxford one he originally really wanted to play in, is cancelled. There’s only currently 2 people entered. Damn those kids who change their minds after long discussions about entering or not. Luckily we could withdraw before the deadline date.

Saturday I woken with a headache that I couldn’t get rid of. N had his swimming lesson, then it was chores before an attempt at a nap before tea. N has discovered ‘funniest tennis moments at Wimbledon’ and ‘Funniest Djokovic moments’ on Youtube so we were enjoying those.

This week’s photo was of a ‘dress’ in the window at Hobbycraft. I’ve finally spent the last of my ‘never-ending’ giftcard.

hobbycraft dress made out of fir branches and berries
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  1. Well done N on winning the tennis. Sorry to hear about the tournaments over half term. Love a new bed, we finally replaced ours earlier in the year and it made all the difference. That dress is very clever.

  2. hmmm to the dress…..
    hope the flu sniff works for him, sadly you wont know until he either does pr does not get flu.
    DD2 and DS2 both had tonsils, adenoids and grommets as kids but DD1 did not and has suffered terribly with them in the last 2 yrs.
    hope he likes his new bed, Fifi and Bob are due new ones as well.

  3. Well done to N for winning his tennis tournament, that’s fab. Glad to hear he wasn’t too poorly with his tonsilitis. My oldest eventually grew out of that thank goodness. Kids can be quite fussy about their beds xx

    1. I would usually too. But that means either taking time off work to do it or spending a precious weekend. Although I’d probably get my brother in to help hold things up. A double bed with drawers etc would be a chunky thing.

  4. Well done to N for winning his tennis tournament! Glad to hear he wasn’t too poorly with his tonsilitis. My daughter is always nagging me for a new bed. Apparently kids and teenagers all have double beds these days. Why? They don’t need them! So I will be telling her that N was sleeping in a 40 year old bed!

    1. Lol he is getting a double now though. He has room and it will last til adulthood i hope. His old one was a larger size single so couldn’t just get a new mattress (thankfully)

  5. Hope the tonsils have settled down now, not something any of my family have suffered from. Glad your husband was able to let his childhood bed go from the house and hope N likes the new bedroom arrangement

  6. I am sick of the rain! Ugh!
    Poor N. Tonsillitis is the worst! I used to suffer when I was a teen. It sounds like a rough week for him. I hope you are feeling better too.
    What a fabulous dress! Such a good use of a Christmas tree. x

    1. He did so well to hold his nerve. I’m so pleased as well as him. I’ve been saying for years he needed a new bed but the OH wouldn’t entertain a cabin bed. At least this one will last til he’s an adult

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