poppy field with trees behind, shot from a distance

Project 52 2023 week 25

Onto week 25 of Project 52 for this week. It’s been a pretty normal week, but with school trips, and a few more ups and downs with work. Here’s our weekly round up.

Sunday was pretty standard. A trip to the farm shop to stock up on meat, a nip to the supermarket for water guns and a couple of things I’d missed in my shop. Then a relaxing afternoon before having a roast. It was a bit hot for a roast, but I’m all out of summer foods that work for everyone at home.

On Monday it was back to work and school. Just normal busy goings on. It was really hot at tennis, I’m glad it wasn’t me playing, but N had a good session. On the way home we got held up by next door’s sheep in the middle of the road. Once I got out of the car, they then wandered back in down their drive so all the traffic could carry on their way. 

Afterwards I found N out in the garden chatting away to our neighbours over the fence. And eating their ice creams!

Tuesday was another busy work day. We did have a good load of rain overnight and in the morning. It’s helped with the dry garden and bringing down the temperature, but still isn’t really enough for what we need.  Another evening in the garden followed by a heavy rain and thunderstorm late in the evening.

On Wednesday it was off to school along with crumble ingredients. It was back to the orthodontist again to check N’s braces. She shaved off some of the plastic to make a notch for his tongue, so hopefully this means he’ll be able to wear it. I’m still struggling to get him to wear it, although at least when he does it’s not hurting, and his speech is now his normal tone, although will need more time and practice to get clearer again. The crumble made at school was very tasty, although N did think the apple needed stewing down a bit more (I like it with chunks, they prefer mush). 

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Thursday after dropping off N I had to get into town for diesel and to buy him some more hayfever tablets. He’s really been suffering this year, much more than last year. So I’ve also ordered him a chinese acupuncture Qi chi band which are meant to help too. I even had time on the way back before work to try and take some photos of the poppy field I spotted next to the road. I need to return with my camera and longer lens though. In the evening I finished watching Firefly Lane on Netflix. It’s a great series, and I did sob my way through the final couple of episodes. Great for women who’ve had their own same best friends through thick and thin for years from childhood to look back at their friendship.

On Friday N had a geography trip to Bourton on the Water, so he was pleased they’d get to stop at the chip shop and sweet shop, plus they had ice creams too. It was the first school trip of the year, and it seemed to go well. Tennis was cancelled as there was no coach. I had a bit of a weird feeling stomach all day, so it was a quiet evening.

Saturday N had an early appointment at the barbers. Then we had to go to the butchers/farm shop, nip into town. Followed by making a start on various school projects. They seem to have come in all at the same time again, but one’s only given 2 weeks to complete it rather than the usual 3-4, which means he’s not only got one weekend less to do 2 projects (due to Wimbledon and sport), now he’s got to fit in 3.

poppy field with trees behind, shot from a distance

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  1. I haven’t seen any poppy fields this year, such a bright colour. Hope N’s hangover settles with the meds and the band helps. Whoops to the sheep getting out, well done for getting them back in

  2. I love Bourton on the Water, such a pretty village. Poor Eliza missed her school trips as she sprained her ankle and Sebby’s was brought into school as not enough parents paid for it

  3. We have been going out for lunch since it’s been warm, I do love a roast dinner on a Sunday but can’t bring myself to cook one.
    hehehe! That made me chuckle about N eating next doors ice creams.
    I have been suffering more with hay fever this year than previous years. I’ve never heard of those Qi chi band’s before. I will have to have a read up about them. Firefly Lane was such a great show. Such a sad ending but nice at the same time.
    What a pretty scene. I do love poppy’s. x

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