frozen cobwebs

Project 52 2023 week 48

Week 48 of Project 52, and Christmas is rapidly approaching. I’ve still not written the cards I said I’d do, so much get those done and posted. Otherwise it was a pretty intense week.

Sunday was a last chance to try and relax a bit before a heavy week. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work like that. I had a bad headache, had a busy morning doing chores and nipping out to the shops. So I didn’t get chance to actually have the nap I’d planned.

On Monday it was the start of my training course at work. It’s 4 days, and the OH’s having to pick N up each day. I don’t finish til 5, then have evening homework, so they’re having to sort out food too. N didn’t want the pie I’d got, so he cooked spaghetti carbonara for tea instead.  I worked til late. That’s going to be the plan for the week.

Tuesday was day 2 of my course. Another long day. N cooked the tea – he diverted my prepared spuds into diced sauted potatoes instead. It’s very handy having a child who likes to cook. While I carried on studying, they made a cottage pie base for tomorrow night. It can just go in the aga tomorrow while I’m working. I watched the final of Bake Off for some time off from studying.

On Wednesday it was more training. I’m glad it’s all exam because I’m terrible at coursework, I’m much better at pulling facts from my brain (if they’ve gone in in the first place). The afternoon was the foundation level exam and I passed it. Phew. First exam done since probably 2002ish when I did a market research qualification. N had football training so I took my revision along for a quick read through before chatting to some of the other parents. Then back for tea (it’s always so nice when other people cook!), and sample exam paper for tomorrow’s exam.

Thursday was revision and mock paper time for our course, then did the exam in the afternoon. I finished with an hour to spare which is always a bit worrying, but thankfully I had a good pass. Phew. So now I have a project management qualification which can’t be a bad thing. Let’s work out how I can use it in my day to day job now.

N had a non uniform day, and instead of paying money the different year groups were asked to bring in different seasonal foods that could go to local food banks which was a nice idea.

On Friday it was another really cold day. N had an inset day so it was a bit of a lie in before my Tesco shop arrived and then work. Thankfully I didn’t have too many emails to deal with after training for 4 days, so it was quite calm. Just what I needed after the intensity of the rest of the week.

Saturday football was cancelled due to frozen pitches, so I had the morning to pick up loads of things I’d needed to get in town. I’m mostly done for Christmas now, just the OH, brother and couple of birthdays – I’m stuck on ideas for those though. My brother popped over – just as I’d finished lunch so my book reading didn’t happen, and that was the afternoon gone. Nothing really defrosted all day, although the fog did lift for a bit by mid afternoon.

frozen cobwebs

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  1. Sounds like a busy week for you with the training course at work. Well done on passing the exams and getting the qualification. Lovely that N enjoys cooking so much – and very handy on busy weeks like that! Good idea to bring a donation for the food bank for the non-uniform day. #project365

  2. It has been a cold one hasn’t it?

    A lot of studying but well done on your passes!

    Oh I wish my girls were into cooking. Sounds like N did great with it

  3. I really need to write our Christmas cards out, you have just reminded me.
    It sounds like a full on week with the training, well done on passing the exams and it sounds like N did a great job with the cooking!
    The frost was so bad today! I went outside and all the frozen cobwebs had me a little confused, I have never seen so many of them frozen as much! x

    1. I’ve now written them after receiving our first one. I realised the ones I had left from last year weren’t really very ‘me’, but I needed to use them. Just need to address them and post, but I’ll do that on tuesday on my day off. Yes the spiderswebs were so strange, I don’t recall seeing so many just like that before.

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