daffodils and purple tulips

Project 52 2024 week 7

We’re onto week 7 of project 52 and it’s been half term here. Very little done though – someone didn’t want to go anywhere, and the weather didn’t really play ball for most of it. A bit of baking, a bit of reading and puzzling, but not a lot else was done.

Sunday – after a busy Saturday, Sunday was more relaxing. I vacuumed, then read a bit, did some puzzle, edited some photos from the night before after worrying that my phone has videos in some high modern format that none of my video apps or laptop can view. I’ve had to default the settings back down, and find a converter which hopefully will work. Annoying though because I used to love Quik for my videos because it put photos and videos together fast and without much effort for me. Others don’t seem to do the auto video or if they do, they don’t make photos dynamic. So any ideas for HVEC video editing that’s cheap and makes photos move are welcome.

Monday – while I worked, N went into town with a friend, meeting up with a couple of others. Their first time going in alone on the bus, they went bowling, had lunch at Nandos. As there’d be a long wait for the next bus, they got picked up. So a full on day, with me checking in on him on Life360. But he enjoyed it, and that’s a milestone ticked off. 

Tuesday – first day of leave. N went out on the farm. I went to Stratford but didn’t manage to get the one item I went for. It seems they no longer sell the range of bras I like in Matalan. Frustrating. I did get a washing up bowl though (finally). Dropped off some Vinted parcels, then home to try and snooze off my headache. I didn’t manage that but did get through 2 episodes of The Tourist 2nd series. Of course it was pancakes for tea, lemon and sugar for topping here.

Wednesday – I went to Asda, it’s bit of a trek from us but it’s the only place left that does the knickers I like. No suitable bras there, and then forgot to go to M&S to get school socks. I sorted through my nan’s jewellery she left me. I think most of it in the box is just costume jewellery apart from one ring I need to get checked out. I’m not sure whether the charity shop would want it all – it might be more appropriate for a theatre company as some of it’s quite large, and not what’s in fashion now. I’m doing a 40 days to declutter 40 things which started today, so getting rid of a whole box would be great (plus the 7 jigsaws as well).

Thursday – day at home. More puzzling, reading, a couple of items decluttered, did my food shop order.  Made flapjacks, but they were overcooked, so that was a fail. This is why I usually do my flapjacks including condensed milk because that recipe doesn’t fail. But basic flapjacks, I always find it hard to know when it’s cooked. 

Friday – got up early for my food shop. Then headed to M&S to get school socks and bras. Thankfully I found some that might be ok – I’m not really an M&S bra fan anymore since doing BoB method of measurement (way too many full bras styles), but my current daily bras have holes by one strap, so need changing. So fingers crossed they fit ok and are comfortable. Had to head back into town in the afternoon to pick up some bits that N and the OH wanted, but there’s no parking near the shop, so had to drive round while they nipped in and out. 

Saturday – home football match this morning, a rearranged one from earlier in the season. Our boys had another win, so that’s good to have ahead of an expected tough match next week. And a cheeky McDonalds for lunch afterwards.

daffodils and purple tulips

Things I’m grateful for:

  • Time out from work. Although I wish I’d organised something to do.
  • All the parents at football are nice to chat to. Everyone chats to each other, it’s a nice community club.

Things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • Catching up on The Tourist 2
  • Watching the football team win their match
  • Having time off work

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  1. It’s so stressful when they start being independent and head out to meet friends. Both Isaac and Eliza do now, but the buses are so rubbish they rely on me, or friends parents

  2. Sounds like it was a nice week, and I feel your frustration about the bra shopping! Hope the new ones are a good replacement.
    I’ve downloaded DaVinci Resolve from black magic to do some video editing – but that’s as far as I’ve got! I now need to learn how to use it, so I’m not sure if it can do all the photo work that you’re after. It is free though so might be an option?
    Hope you have a lovely week 8. :o)

    1. Might look at that. I have paid for software on my laptop but it does weird transitions on photos so is better for videos. I’m hoping going forward my changing the video settings will mean it works again with quik as it’s so fast and easy to use

  3. It sounds like a good half term even if N didn’t want to go anywhere. I have to drag my girls for “fun” days out now. Hmmf.
    Well done to N getting to town and back safely.
    Asda is the only place that I buy knickers from. I’ve tried other shops but they are not the same.
    What pretty flowers, I do love daffodils, they’re such a cheery flower.