peacock showing off tail feathers

Project 52 2019 week 22 – tail feathers

Week 22 of Project 52 has been half term, with a bit of work for me before being off with N for a couple of days.

Sunday was a lazy day. I baked my first angel food cake and it worked out well. N has been creating lots of maths test papers for his dad to answer.

Bank holiday Monday and we had a dilemma. Go to a country and agricultural show at Highclere Castle which was further away (and we wouldn’t get there for opening because N was out on the farm), or an agricultural show at Lamport Hall in Northamptonshire. We decided on the latter, being closer. It was cheaper too, but very random. The strangest show we’ve ever been to. Thankfully the rain on arrival stopped and the sun came out later.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was back at work and N spent the days on the farm with his dad, riding the quad bike with his cousin (7.30 in the morning, they were out on it!). And trying to help his cousin learn to ride N’s bike. Not that we were impressed with that fact, given N’s bike needs to be ridden with care due to the gears. I’m not pleased that the OH just basically handed the expensive, newish bike that I paid for, and is N’s favourite thing apart from his quad bike, over to a child with no balance. A second hand one would have been a better option, the same as N had to learn on, before he could prove he could ride well enough to get a decent new bike.

N wasn’t pleased either, because the gears which shouldn’t have been touched, were playing up, and you could see him watching worried every time his cousin wobbled off it. Thankfully the gears now seem to be ok, but I feel for N just having his fairly new, well earned bike just handed over. I’m sure they could have just nipped round the corner to the recycling centre where there’s always loads of bikes.

Thursday we had arranged to meet my best friend who was staying over in Oxfordshire with her family and parents on their way to the south coast for a holiday. We only saw them 3 weeks ago at Trentham Gardens, but it was nice to catch up again. It meant the boys didn’t need such a long warm up period getting used to each other again. It was lovely to see her parents – I don’t think I’ve seen them properly since N was about 5. We went to do the trails at Basildon Park. I’ll need to go back another time to see the house. In the afternoon, they went off and we headed to Beale Park for a few hours before the journey from hell back up the A34.

Friday we decided to stay around home. Just a quick trip to the supermarket, then cycle and walk in the park, lunch at Costa and then the cinema to see Secret Life of Pets 2. We had lots of laughs (including at the Grandmother and child who were sitting in our seats, then moved into someone else’s, then refused to move for them, causing a bit of chaos. Just read your tickets people!)

Saturday was another quiet one. It’s been so hot, and I’m not great with the heat. We needed to get N some new school shoes as he says his are too tight. At this time of year I usually just buy some cheap supermarket ones, but Tesco and Sainsbury’s didn’t have any, Sports Direct only had black trainers, and Matalan only had size 2s in trainer style which we dislike and N couldn’t get on his feet. So we bought size 3 which looked ok on one foot and just needs an inner sole on the other. Thankfully he only wears them as indoor shoes, so they should be ok. Although I’m concerned about the 2 school trips he’ll need them for. So I’ll be keeping an eye out for anywhere else that might have school shoes. I don’t want to pay for another £50-60 pair of shoes for 7 weeks from the kids shoe shop we usually go to.

I made a meringue roulade for pudding which the OH moans about because it had flaked almonds on it (I could hardly taste them). And N went out to get takeaway pizza with his 17 and 10 year old cousins to have at their house. His first time his cousin’s taken him out in his car. He was so excited. My little boy is growing up.

This week’s photo was taken at Beale Park where the peacock was showing off his tail feathers with pride.

peacock showing off tail feathers

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  1. Sounds like you got up to loads. I hope the bike is okay my eldest would not have dealt well with that at all. I really want to go and see the secret life of pets. Lovely photo of the peacock Ive not seen one with its feathers up yet this year

  2. Yes I would have been annoyed at the bike as well. hard earned treats should not be passed around like a bag of sweets.
    Scary letting your kids go out in a car with a 17 yr old..
    Huby moans he does mot like almonds but willingly eats anything I make for me with them in.

    1. They’ve got a few routes to walk round, and then there’s the kids outdoor play trail. Think it was £1 for the map. Probably lasts 30 mins but took us ages with a pushchair and under 2 who wouldn’t stay in it. Monkey would like it – plenty of things to climb on and play with, build dens etc as you walk round. The bee trail was a bit rubbish but better prize than expected at the end – I’m presuming that was just a half term thing.

  3. gosh that is expensive for children’s shoes, bring back Woolworths. I always think it’s sad when kids are forced to share some of their toys especially expensive ones, glad his bike is Ok

    1. It’s only expensive if you’re buying properly fitted shoes. Tesco or Matalan are usually around £20 depending on the size. Fine for the end of the year to tide him over.

  4. What gorgeous photos. Such an interesting week. That meringue sounds and looks lovely. Peacocks are so majestic x

  5. Gorgeous peacock photo! Such magnificent colours!
    I only ever baked an angel food cake, using the cake mix, never from scratch.
    It sounds unfair that N’s bike was handed over to the cousin who cannot ride. Was it your husband’s decision? I imagine how frustrating it was for N.

    1. Yes, the OH doesn’t think to ask, he just presumes it’s fine. Fair enough to share your things, but the cousin was lent N’s old bike last summer for a couple of weeks to learn then and didn’t, there’s an old bike up at their house which just needs a new saddle. But I don’t think kids should have to just loan out their items day to day – if he wants to learn go to the tip, get a second hand one to use until he’s proficient rather than risking N’s. Plus of course it meant N couldn’t use his own bike.

  6. It sounds like a great day out at the show. At least the sun came out. It sounds like a good week for you. I would be annoyed about the bike situation too.
    What a beautiful peacock!

  7. Sounds like you’ve had a good half term. I do think agricultural shows can be a bit random. I went to the Royal Show the last year it ran and was amazed by the diversity of the stalls, displays. etc.

    1. Yes shows are a lot more diverse nowadays – more like townie shows than agricultural sometimes, as that’s what brings in the money.

  8. Interesting week you’ve had. It must’ve been tense to just watch ur favorite bike be carelessly used by someone. Meringue roulade sounds fascinating and the peacock looks beautiful

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