Brown sprocker spaniel on watch

Project 52 2018 week 23 – Sprocker on watch

After a week off for half term, it was back at work and school for both N and myself. This is definitely the fun half term for N.  A week in and he’s already got 2 local trips for school booked – just short visits, but he enjoys going off school premises, so I’m sure he’ll love both of them.

N’s tennis lesson has moved outdoors to a nearby private school’s astoturf courts during exam season when the usual school hall isn’t available. They moved inside for the winter and spring season to avoid rain calling it off, but they’ve not moved outdoors over the summer. It’s such a shame because tennis should really be played outdoors if there’s good weather. And it’s much nicer for us adults because we actually get to watch them (which N hates!).  There was a lot of grumping from N about all the sand in his trainers from the astro. Noone else complained and I don’t remember having sand being an issue with me when I played on astro at 6th form. He did get back and play so hopefully it was just the first time change that unsettled him.

I’ve had car hassles this week.  I needed some brake pads and discs, and it turned out 2 tyres, but the 2 nearest dealers were going to charge a fortune. Kwik Fit quotes a good price, but then they had supplier issues, and then they couldn’t get the computer and callipers to talk correctly (or something highly technical). So 1.5 days later, I had 2 new tyres but still no pads and discs and could only book my car into the dealership in just over a week. Hopefully after that, all will be good up to it’s service.

The week ended with a bit of an annoyance. N announced his dad was taking him to a farming show on Saturday. But no-one decided to discuss the fact he had a swimming lesson, so they just went off early and missed it.  It wouldn’t be quite so bad, but unless I can find someone else to take N to swimming next week, he’ll miss that one too because that’s when my car has to go in. I’ll be doing a bit of begging to see if my brother will take him (or Granny) because the OH won’t.

They were only out for the morning, so afternoon we headed to a nearby village for the big children’s football tournament because he wanted to watch his cousin play. We bumped into a school friend who really wanted N to watch his semi final match, so we did that and watched a couple of games before playing a little tennis.  It was really quite hot. I can’t believe we’ve had so little rain May into June so far. Thankfully the garden is still looking ok and not too dry, but I really must remember to water my growing plants.

Brown sprocker spaniel on watch

This week’s Project 52 photo is off the pup. I got her out of her kennel for a bit while the OH and N were at the show.  I was mooching round the garden taking photos of my in law’s flowers, and she was hovering around. She’s not very good at staying still so photos are a challenge.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. It does seem a shame not to play tennis outside in the summer so I’m glad N got the chance. Frustrating about the car. I had problems with mine this week which made me think it might be time to get rid, but all good now. Hopefully yours is sorted soon.

  2. hope you manage to get the swimming sorted and the sand from the astro turf doesn’t bother N for too long, cute puppy, well done on getting the shot, although she looks like she was ready to move again very soon

  3. It always happens at the same time too. Plus my phone trade in got refused because the online company I bought my last mobile off was sending out Chinese phones rather than European ones without informing customers. So that’s £200 That I was planning on and us hopefully still going to be half that.

  4. Ahh! My girls love this time of year at school too. There is always so much going on.
    That is so frustrating about missing the swimming lessons. I hope you can find someone to take N. x

  5. What a hassle re car issues, hope it’s all sorted soon, and you find someone to take N to the swimming class. I also think that tennis is much nicer outdoors, though maybe not for people who don’t feel confident being watched by the others.
    The dog looks lovely

  6. It’s amazing how different she is to her sister. But then the nephew has probably spent a lot more time training her than the OH has of his.

  7. Oh you don’t want to know what I’ve been up to! All about moving house. Sweet looking puppy by the way. Looks playful in that pic, as if he / she is about to do something crazy and dog like. Can’t help with disks, but next time you have tyre trouble, tyres on the drive . com. It’s possible the company doesn’t serve rural locations, but worth trying.

    1. Thanks for the tip. It’s easier for me to get them in town because Kwik fit it literally a 2 minute walk from work. Once my car’s out of warranty in September I’ll take it to the independent place behind work for servicing etc.

  8. Gorgeous photo of the dog. Sorry to hear about the car hassles. I hope N adjusts to his outdoor tennis soon. It certainly was hot yesterday. We were watching my son at an athletics competition and the sun was really beating down.

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