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School days – VIP and school friends


It’s been nondescript school week.  N’s not talked much about it, other than what subjects he’s been learning without much detail.  Here’s this week’s update.


N was VIP for english one day this week. Everytime they’re VIP (or get other awards of the week), they get a token for their house team. N insists his team are catching up with the second place team, but I think they’ve got too far to go.

Monday headaches

N had moaned over the weekend saying he had a headache one day, and then stomache ache the next. By Monday he thought he still had a bit of a headache, so had some nurofen and was send into school. But we decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to do his tennis club so he was picked up early at normal school finish time.  But any change to normal routine is a nightmare. I couldn’t rely on N to get school to ring me to confirm what time was wanted picking up if he wanted to stay for tennis, and the OH wasn’t around to pick him up as normal. So it was a frantic Monday of ringing round and trying to sort out pick up. Of course, once he was at school he was fine, so then wasn’t happy about missing tennis. We just can’t win. But hopefully that’s the end of headaches for the moment.

Class days out

This half term is always full of trips out. N’s class have 2 coming up.  One is to visit a nearby community orchard and for the other it’s a Performing Arts morning at the catchment secondary school.  Considering N isn’t really a fan of organised dancing and singing, he seems to be quite excited about how good his class performance is going to be.

School friends

One thing that’s lovely about N’s school and the children there is how friendly and close they all seem when you see them out of school.  N also sees quite a few of them across different years at tennis, and these ones all get on really well. The typical approach of his year when they see each other, the boys included, is to give each other massive bear hugs.  It’s so sweet although I don’t know how long that will last.

tennis net

On Saturday there was a massive football tournament in the next village where his cousin and a couple of school friends play. N decided he wanted to go and watch them so we headed over there.

Straightaway he spotted his class mate and their big meet and greet took place. N was told that he had to meet a football friend and vice versa.  Said other boy was dragged over to meet N. Cue an embarrassing moment where N and this other boy really didn’t know what to say to each other. That didn’t matter, N was dragged off to watch an older brother’s game, they shared a camping chair together, and just generally ran around and talked about the football team.  It’s so lovely to see how N gets on with his school friends when you don’t usually get the chance to see the interaction.

How are your children getting on with school thiis week?


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