rainbow bauble wall display

Project 52 2018 week 52 – rainbow baubles

We’re rolling up to the last few days of 2018. This will be my last of this year’s Project 52 and I’ll add the last couple of days onto the start of 2019.

It’s been a very calm Christmas, fairly quiet, and we’ve not done anywhere as much as we’d usually do. I’m feeling like I need to go out and explore, but N isn’t too keen and I can’t make a decision on where to go. So we’ve left it and just mooched for most of the week at home.

Here’s this week’s Project 52.

We started the week on Sunday, visiting Waddesdon Manor. We’ve never been that close to Christmas but I wanted to avoid the Christmas market. Despite the rain, it worked out really well and we got to decorate a bauble and see all the lights (except the Stables projection which wasn’t on at dusk).

Monday was Christmas eve and spent not doing much. We played a few games as N has really got into these. I’m pleased he’s a game fan unlike his father. In the evening we went to a nearby pub with the whole of the family as is our tradition. I don’t think I’ll be going back to that pub. The menu was terrible for my tastes – some I’d eat but just wouldn’t want to choose them. And who puts gammon and chips, AND ham and chips on the same menu? Christmas dinner was only on the party menu, there were 3 dishes with a mushroom sauce. There wasn’t really a vegetarian option either. I decided on the ham, leek and mustard pie. It arrived with the mushroom sauce all over it. I hate mushrooms. And it was just way too much ham going on. So a disappointing meal for me although the others said theirs were good.

Tuesday was Christmas day. N did very well with plenty of technic Lego, a new bike complete with 21 gears (!) and some shooting clothes. We spent the day at the OH’s brother’s, where N got an introduction to Fifa and Xbox. We won’t be getting a games console anytime soon, and at the moment N agrees. In the evening, all the rest of the family joined us there for tea. It was a nice family day.

Boxing day was quiet and just spent at home. N went out on his bike and learnt how to use gears. Well, 7 of them. Lego was started as well. I had to go out to the supermarket to pick up bread rolls for the shoot.

Thursday I had a relaxing day as N and the OH were on the shoot. I headed into town, bought myself a new jigsaw, and spent the rest of the morning catching up on blog stuff in a cafe. I didn’t fancy sale shopping as I’d done plenty of that online. It was a lovely relaxing day…although I should have spent it doing my tax return. Oops.

Friday was another quiet day at home. More Lego, bike riding, Christmas films (I’ve a stack of them recorded to get through) and jigsaw puzzle. And arranging days to meet up with friends next week. My brother’s popped over a few times as well. It’s so nice having him nearby.

Saturday I wanted to take N out somewhere as the OH was shooting elsewhere. But he just wanted to go to the park. We tried to buy a bike rack for the car, but not having a tow bar is a bit of an issue. Given we only take the bike out to the park on occasion, we wouldn’t need access to the boot so I think we’d be fine with the type that goes over the back windscreen rather than spending money on a tow bar, expensive rack and licence plate.

N had a quick ride round the park before we went to see Johnny English at the cinema. Thanks to it being kids club, we were able to have premium seats even at the cheap price. The film was very funny. We had another 30 minutes in the park, then headed to Pizza Express for a nice lunch. We had a lovely day which ended with a simple cheese on toast tea. It’s so nice to be able to just have a small tea rather than slaving over the stove because I need to cook for the OH.

Just a couple more days and it’ll be 2019. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and happy new year.

rainbow bauble wall display

Also joining up for the final My Sunday Photo

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  1. from the thumb nail image i thought these were coffee pods on display, sounds like a lovely relaxed week, i’m also avoiding the christmas madness outside the home. I would’ve sent the meal back unless it of course stated it came with mushroom sauce, hate the things. hope you have a wonderful 2019

  2. Sounds like a relaxing week. We’ve also done loads less than normal. Glad he likes his bike, shame about the pub menu #365

  3. what a rotten choice of food. wonder why they felt everything needed mushroom sauce, I would have sent it back.
    Glad you all had a good Christmas, The bike sounds a good choice as he is using it.

    1. I would have done if I’d been paying. I had the special, but if they’d said it came with a sauce I’d have said no, or asked for it on the side.

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