Review: Ideal Cases

I was very lucky this Christmas as I received a Kindle Paperwhite from the OH (ok so it was on my list, but I thought I might just get vouchers and have to buy it myself).  So the time had come to get a cover for it.  When I had the opportunity to check out the personalised covers at Ideal Cases I definitely wanted to try and get creative.

The website itself is pretty straightforward.  You simply go through 4 steps to design and order your cover.

Step one is choosing your device (it covers Kindles, smartphones and tablets), then choose your case.  The type for my Kindle is a black leather & canvas case, with faux suede inside.  Then you can choose how you want to personalise the front.

I’m not particularly creative so didn’t want to get too arty, and also wanted to keep my cover fairly book generic.  You can add pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or your pc so I debated using photos of N reading, but decided I wanted books and a book quote rather than being too obviously family-fied!  Other than photos, you can use clip art, or doodle and design your own artwork using the tools on the site.

I started off with a grid layout of photos, but was struggling to find photos online I could use.  In the end I decided I’d have to take photos of my own book shelves; cue moving furniture to get to it.  I think deciding what to put on the cover took longer than actually creating it!

So I chose the ‘freestyle’ option, and started layering.  If you’re used to photo editing software, or even just Powerpoint, it’s really easy to use.  Even if you’re not, it’s pretty straightforward.  There’re various styles and colours of backgrounds to choose from (I opted for watercolour), then uploaded my photo.  A quick resize, and adding a quote and my cover was ready to order.

Ideal Cases review
Layering options on Ideal Cases

You can share your design on social media if you want approval from your friends (or just to show off your creativity), and ordering is hassle free through the standard shopping cart process.  I was astounded as to how quickly my cover arrived, only a day after ordering.

If you’re sending a cover as a gift, it comes in a neat plastic ‘box’, and the inside is protected with some foam ready to replace with your device.

I thought my cover looked really professional.  The leather and canvas looks strong enough to last, and because you choose your specific device, unlike some other covers, the elasticated holders fit the device right to the edges so you know it’ll hold the device in place well.

All in, it probably took about 20 minutes after I’d taken the photos I wanted and found some book quotes to use.  Obviously if you’re going to get really creative in your design, it could take longer, but if you want a unique cover, this is a great website to use.

Ideal Cases Personalised Paperwhite cover

In Summary:

Cons – if you want to use the fan inspired options, they’re currently limited in choice.  These will obviously build up the more people use this option for their covers.

Pros – Similar prices to other covers which aren’t personalised, you choose the design, fast delivery, specific size to your device unlike some cases which fit several types.


Disclaimer:  Ideal Cases sent me a voucher to use to create a case and review.  All opinions are my own.

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