Ok, so I got a bit waylaid yesterday in doing my 2012 review as we had a longer than planned car shopping/research session (boy, are some car salesman totally missing working out what a customer is actually asking!), a cheesecake disaster (should have stuck with my failsafe version I usually make), and an early ‘off to family’ tea.  So just doing a quick look at what went on in the last year with N, and what I’m expecting in 2013.

A Year in Pictures - 2012
A Year in Pictures – 2012

From left to right, top to bottom

  • Jan – N’s first birthday (and no, the cake wasn’t really THAT big compared to him)
  • Feb – a couple of months of walking, getting a lot steadier on his feet
  • Mar – Some good weather, and loving being outside
  • Apr – Easter bonnet (he wasn’t keen, it was a bit girly) at our NCT Easter get together
  • May – discovering the great things at the park and more outdoor play
  • June – helping out Dad. Guess what, more opportunities to get outside.
  • Jul – a trip to Sea Life Centre (I just love this pic)
  • Aug – road trip and first time on the beach. Shame it was cold and about to rain, so no real playing
  • Sep – chicken pox and annoying me while I’m trying to work. Thankfully such a mild case it was hardly in evidence.
  • Oct- first proper haircut (shearing) at the barbers (and loving helping me cook)
  • Nov – first trip to London with a visit to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
  • Dec – First christmas where he began to get excited and a trip to see the displays at Milton Keynes.

2013 will see N turn 2, move up to the next room at nursery, hopefully me find a new job quickly/that’s nearer home and more time spent together as a family. Oh and more blogging, plus I hope to get to Britmums Live (bought my ticket, just need to work out logistics).



  1. My word, look at how he’s grown! A year at this age makes such a difference in their abilities. Love February, July, September and November, and I’ll see you at Britmums!

    Thanks for linking up

  2. coombemill

    A lovely collection and so many fun ones from outdoors. Hope to see you link up with my weekly Country Kids linky with some of your 2013 outdoor fun.

    • Hope to. It’s all a bit farm/home based at the moment thanks to the weather.

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