telling it like it is after school

School Days – class photos and exercises

That’s the penultimate term finished at school, and only the final foundation stage term to go.  I can’t believe that this time last year N was still at nursery.  It seems such a long time ago in terms of his growth and development, but has also whizzed by.

telling it like it is after school

This week’s school days was mostly about:

School and class photos

Yes, the lovely school photo time.  N thought that we’d get them back the day after but I had to explain that photos take time to be edited and proofed before we can order them, plus of course I might not want to pay the money for one.  Although I suspect I probably will for his first class photo.

I’m presuming it’s a traditional seated and standing photo for both, so it’ll be interesting to see what it comes out like.  N agreed to wear shorts, but given the state his school shoes are in, I’m hoping they were hidden by his crossed legs.  His hair was all floppy and overgrown because I’d not had time to get him to the hair dresser last Saturday.  This Saturday is the plan but that’s a bit late.

Hats and jumpers

Last week was all about losing jumpers, this week I’ve ended up with not only N’s jumper and hat coming back, but being joined by a second jumper and sunhat.  Not belonging to the child with the peg next to his, but the one 5 along!  I asked N how come he has this extra jumper and hat.

‘I don’t know.  Mrs O put it in my bag’.

But both hat and jumper were labelled and it was obvious N’s were already in the bag, so I’m not sure why we came home with them.  Oh well, they’ve gone back again so hopefully N will wise up to checking labels rather than just accepting any old jumper.


N has become a bit obsessed with exercises since being at school.  Well, not obsessed, more like aware.  This week he had gymnastics and was lolling around on the bed in different poses.

‘I’m doing my exercises from that thing we do at school’


‘Yes’ gymnastics’…and then proceeded to tell me all the names of the various moves he was showing me.  It looked more like yoga or stretching, but if he’s enjoying the class then who am I to wonder why.

Dance VIP

N’s not been a VIP for ages, but he came home at the end of term saying their whole class had been given VIP…for their dance.

It sounds like there was a class dance competition, and the judge gave N’s class 10 for them to win.  I’m not sure how they were dancing, but going on N’s demonstration it could only be described as flailing.  At least there didn’t seem to be any bottom wiggling.  I do love his enthusiasm though, and as a dancer myself I’m pleased that he’s so keen.

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  1. It’s hard with school photos. We said we’d buy the first year class photo and individual shot, but they’ve been so good that we’ve bought every individual shot so far. Hope they come out well.

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