Snoring Beauty

I’ve said it before and will say it again, N loves his sleep.  And like most children, however hyper and lively they are in the daytime, they’re like a ‘snoring beauty’ when asleep, looking like butter wouldn’t melt.

Sleepy boy
Stretching in his sleep

There’s a few things that he’s been doing recently around sleep that are interesting and new for him.

N’s now at that stage where he’s getting a bit distracted around nap time.  He does really still need a nap, although if he doesn’t have one (a couple of times at nursery he’s refused, and at home sometimes he’ll just chuck everything out of his cot and not sleep), he’ll get through til about half six, and not be too grotty if there’s enough going on to keep him occupied.

He is amusing though when it comes to persuading him it’s time for bed.  “No” is a favourite refrain, although if you give him his taggy blanket or Peter Rabbit, he’ll tend to then go quite happily upstairs without too much complaining.  Sometimes after lunch he won’t want to go straight for a nap, but he’ll want his blanket/Peter.  He’ll toddle off upstairs to get them, bring them downstairs, chill for a moment, then he’ll be quite happy to go off to bed after that.

If he doesn’t want to nap, he’ll usually lie quietly sucking his thumb in his cot for 20 minutes before you hear soft toys and duvet being thrown over the cot sides, followed by chattering and him running up and down the cot.  Yesterday I was halfway through dying my hair, having thought I’d have a good hour before he stirred!) when I could hear him jumping around.  I think now, as long as he’s had a good rest period, even if he’s not sleeping, he’s ok to cope until bedtime.

The one problem I am finding at the moment is that he wants to sleep in any bed apart from his own…our bed, the spare double bed.  He even tries setting up his duvet and pillow on the floor along with all his soft toys.  So nap times can find him in any bed.  The other night after getting dressed for bed, he then went wandering off to another room and tried getting in the bed there.

“Er no, own bed Mr”

I think it’s time to remove his cot bed sides but we need to get a stair gate set up again as the one at the top of the stairs right opposite his door has totally sheared off and isn’t repairable.

One cute thing he does when he’s getting ready for bed or tired, is starting to say ‘N’s tired’.  He was saying it at lunch yesterday though, and given he refused to nap I’m not sure how reliable it is as an indication.  He also does a ‘shh’ putting his finger to his mouth.  Well, I say mouth, but it’s usually finger on his nose, so think he’s got it a little wrong though.  He must have got it from nursery because it’s not something we say at home to him.

He’s also got a bit obsessed with snoring.  I’m not sure if he realises he snores…I guess it’s more like heavy breathing as he tends to sleep on his front rather than back, but I can hear it from the next room.  If someone else (read his dad) is having a lie down on the sofa or a chill out, N always goes up to him and tells me ‘Daddy’s snoring’ even if he isn’t.  It’s his version of ‘sleeping’. He’ll even refer to himself as snoring when he’s pretending to sleep.  Occasionally he’ll do funny fake snoring noises to add to the amusement factor.

Now there’s a lot more role play in his day, it’s funny to see which things that he picks up on to copy.

Is it just my son who all of a sudden seems obsessed with anything to do with naps and bedtimes? Or do your children do funny things when it comes to sleeping?

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