Pizza Express party confidence

birthday party at pizza express - bubbablue and me

In the past N hasn’t been a keen party goer. He’s gone along to some, to others he’s refused.  And there’s always a time beforehand when he says he’s not going. But all parties so far were with lots of other children he knew.  This week, N went to his first party where he didn’t know anyone other than the party boy. It was his old best friend from nursery and he was having a Pizza Express party. N had… Continue Reading “Pizza Express party confidence”

The birthday interview with a 6 year old

Birthday interview with a 6 year old

Last year I was really impressed with N’s willingness to do one of the ‘interview with’.  He even agreed to do it on camera.  And for the first time I got more out of him than previously.  So I had high hopes that turning 6 years old would provide even more insight into my son. But no.  Although he did agree prior to his birthday that we could do an interview, he then refused to do a video.  And we… Continue Reading “The birthday interview with a 6 year old”

The understatement that is…turning six

The birthday understatement of turning six years old - Bubbablue and me

A child’s birthday should be a big thing for them.  But I think this year, N turning six was more exciting for me than it was for him. Unless he’s just very good at hiding his excitement (unlikely, although he is fairly understated).  Unfortunately he had a bit of a snuffly nose before his birthday weekend, so that might have dampened his excitement. Birthday presents We may as well have not given N any presents. Just a number balloon did… Continue Reading “The understatement that is…turning six”

Living Arrows 2017 week 4 – birthday balloons

Living ARrows 2017 week 4 - birthday balloon

Birthday balloons. Pretty much an essential for a child’s birthday.  And I think this was his favourite present.  Well, maybe apart from the walkie talkies which have already found one make its way down the road to his cousin’s house so they can chat. N had a fairly quiet birthday. His party is next week.  Just a swimming lesson, lunch at home because he didn’t want to go out, and then a friend’s party in the afternoon. Although after joining… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2017 week 4 – birthday balloons”

Birthday cake planning and children’s chatter

childrens chatter birthday cake planning Bubbablue and me

When he was at his day nursery, it was the norm for the birthday boy or girl to bring in cakes or treats for the children in their room on their birthday.  So before his birthday this year, I asked him if others brought treats or cakes in.  He said no, so I didn’t send him in with anything.  It’s always a relief not to spend the evening before baking frantically, so I didn’t think anything of it. But it… Continue Reading “Birthday cake planning and children’s chatter”

A Mad Science party for 5 year olds

How to make science bunting

When we started thinking about N’s birthday party it was all a bit of a blur.  Unless your child has a particular yearning for one theme, you can come unstuck with all the offers out there.  We joined up with his best friend as their birthdays are only a few weeks apart and they’d be inviting the same people from school and NCT,  and then it was on to party planning. The party theme You’d think 2 boys the same… Continue Reading “A Mad Science party for 5 year olds”

Birthday Interview with a 5 year old

The birthday interview at age 5 - Bubbablue and me

N’s now turned 5 – yes, that final week of him being 4 rushed past like anything.  So I remembered to sit down and do my birthday interview with him…now he’s a year older. We’ve been doing these since he was nearly 2 1/2 years old so I expected a lot more conversation.  But N’s obviously a child of very few words when it comes to a formal question and answer session.  That’s in total contrast to what he’s usually… Continue Reading “Birthday Interview with a 5 year old”

Mr independent – a first outing without parents

Bubbablue and me avatar

Saturday was a sad occasion for me.  It was N’s first trip out with a friend without me…I would say without parents, but really, it’s just me because his dad works all the time, so it’s rare that he goes off the farm with his dad. So at the age of four, N is already starting to get used to going out for the day with friends.  Ok, so it wasn’t quite the whole day, but near enough. N was… Continue Reading “Mr independent – a first outing without parents”

Project 365 – photo a day week 4

project 365 #365

It’s week of project 365, and there’s been a lot of ‘birthday’ bits going on for N as he turned 3. Soft play for another birthday party.  Interesting session for N (see my post here), but he loved playing with the balls that fly up the pipes.  Maybe a future physicist in the making? There were a lot of cakes this week.  I didn’t do one big birthday cake as there weren’t going to be enough people eating it, but… Continue Reading “Project 365 – photo a day week 4”

Birthday party fun

Birthday party fun

So far, given he’s only 2, we’ve not got into the perpetual cycle of birthday party after birthday party.  Apart from informal ones which are just piling into soft play or general play sessions, he’s been to his 4 year old cousin’s, and someone else’s by default as he was a tag along to his cousin’s invite. But this weekend he went to his first proper birthday party for someone who he doesn’t really know that well.  She goes to… Continue Reading “Birthday party fun”