How to get your child to talk about their day

Grinning and ready to chat about school

I love having a chatty son. N loves to talk (I wonder where he gets that from), although he does pick his moments. Sometimes he’ll be quiet and focused, other times he’ll witter on about nothing. Sometimes I tune it out (naughty mummy) although he does usually notice and pulls me up on it. But there’s always one thing that parents want to know about and not all children are forthcoming about sharing. Their school day (or their day at… Continue Reading “How to get your child to talk about their day”

Talkative kids and conversation tangents

hard at work writing

N is a really talkative child. I wonder where he gets that from? Clue…it’s not the OH. But to find out information or to have a decent chat he’s got to be in the mood or in the right situation, usually tucked up in bed. Once N is talking though, the most innocuous chat or question can rapidly go off on a tangent into some complicated topic of politics, economics, environmental or social discussion. Not all of which is my… Continue Reading “Talkative kids and conversation tangents”

The tooth fairy cometh – first wobbly tooth

portrait outdoors

It’s another big first moment. Yes, N has his first wobbly tooth. It crept up on me.  I know several other 5 year olds who’ve recently lost their first, but thought we’d be waiting a bit longer.  But no, he woke on Monday morning telling me proudly that his tooth was wobbly. I think he was a little confused about how it’s still wobbly 2 days later.  He was obviously imagining a brief wobble and then it falling out immediately… Continue Reading “The tooth fairy cometh – first wobbly tooth”

Children’s chatter – Who do you dance with?

children's chatter - dancing

Now I’m back dancing again, I’m trying to get there 2 nights a week.  That helps on the fitness side, but also gives me a bit of a social life outside of work – although I don’t see many of my old friends there there’s only so much chatting and socialising I actually do. Me dancing does seem to confuse N a little though, and it makes it hard to get the bedtime routine done on time and bedtime stories… Continue Reading “Children’s chatter – Who do you dance with?”

The Easter Story by a 5 year old

The Easter Story by a 5 year old Bubbablue and me

It appears that with the approach of Easter comes the time when schools are teaching children about the Easter Story.  I’ve heard a few parents saying that their children have been asking a lot about God and Easter, and that includes N. At the moment he seems obsessed about God.  For a couple of weeks he’s been mentioning him.  While I used to go to church as a child and would still class myself as religious, we only really go… Continue Reading “The Easter Story by a 5 year old”

When can I have a pet?

when can I have a pet Bubbablue and me

Living on a farm, I didn’t really expect for N to ask for a pet.  But that’s exactly what he asked the other bedtime. ‘Mummy, when can I have a pet?’ ‘Why do you need a pet?  You’ve got 10 sheep, probably all due to lamb soon, and 2 1/2 cows’ ‘They’re not pets, they’re farm animals’.  He got me there. ‘You’re a bit young for a pet because you’d need to look after it’ ‘What about a hamster?’ –… Continue Reading “When can I have a pet?”

Birthday cake planning and children’s chatter

childrens chatter birthday cake planning Bubbablue and me

When he was at his day nursery, it was the norm for the birthday boy or girl to bring in cakes or treats for the children in their room on their birthday.  So before his birthday this year, I asked him if others brought treats or cakes in.  He said no, so I didn’t send him in with anything.  It’s always a relief not to spend the evening before baking frantically, so I didn’t think anything of it. But it… Continue Reading “Birthday cake planning and children’s chatter”

I want to go to a boys school

Thinking and planning about his next move

Bizarrely, as a girl going into 6th form, I did exactly that and went to a boys school.  Well, at the time it was a boys school but took girls in the 6th form.  After I left, they then started taking boys and girls from age 11 (instead of boys from 13), and now there’s girls throughout the school. But I didn’t expect N to say he wanted to go to a boys school.  I suppose I should have been… Continue Reading “I want to go to a boys school”

Birthday Interview with a 5 year old

The birthday interview at age 5 - Bubbablue and me

N’s now turned 5 – yes, that final week of him being 4 rushed past like anything.  So I remembered to sit down and do my birthday interview with him…now he’s a year older. We’ve been doing these since he was nearly 2 1/2 years old so I expected a lot more conversation.  But N’s obviously a child of very few words when it comes to a formal question and answer session.  That’s in total contrast to what he’s usually… Continue Reading “Birthday Interview with a 5 year old”

Children’s chatter: Talking birth with 4 year olds

thinking child

I do have some interesting conversations with N.  Many of them seem to be about human bodies so I do sometimes wonder how his questions come about. A favourite recently has been about blood, and why we have it in our bodies.  I’m definitely not a biologist so without looking it up I’d be lost.  Instead I diverted to the differences between warm and cold blooded animals…although that then created more questions I couldn’t answer! But the most challenging recently… Continue Reading “Children’s chatter: Talking birth with 4 year olds”