Get ready for bed with a Minions ReadyBed

cocooned in his Despicable me minions readybed

I’d spotted ReadyBeds a while ago, and a couple of friends have raved about them, so I was keen to try one out when I was offered the chance to review one.  Well, N was offered the chance! There are two recent new designs, the Star Wars and Despicable Me junior all in one ReadyBeds.  As N loved Despicable Me and I’m sure he’ll want to watch the upcoming Minions film, we had to choose the latter.  When it arrived N was… Continue Reading “Get ready for bed with a Minions ReadyBed”

Transformers Prime complete season 2 DVD giveaway

Transformers Prime Season Two

I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a child.  It really riled me when I was playing with my brother’s toy bow and arrow, to then hear my Grandad tell me that I shouldn’t be playing with it because I was a girl.  Of course I took no notice of that, and carried on. While I did like some ‘girly’ toys too, I did enjoy boys toys.  One birthday I remember asking for a Transformer (one duly… Continue Reading “Transformers Prime complete season 2 DVD giveaway”

Flashback to my youth with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – dvd giveaway

TMNT teenage mutant ninja turtles movie dvd

It’s great when you see a toy of today and can remember when the range first launched when you were a child.  We used to love playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and they’ve definitely stood the test of time, having a resurgence and launching much more interesting toys than were previously available.  Can you believe there’s also a TMNT museum, sharing all the previous reincarnations! N’s only just getting interested in figure toys, mostly down to influence from tv adverts… Continue Reading “Flashback to my youth with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – dvd giveaway”

Introducing films to children – Disney and more

Until we went on holiday in October, N had never watched a film all the way through.  He could just about sit still for the 30 minutes of a Tractor Ted dvd, and had managed to watch 40 minutes or so or Rio (and had never seen the end because he always wanted to start it again from the beginning).  But a proper film, animated or otherwise was a no no. Obviously I don’t want him to be a tv-head,… Continue Reading “Introducing films to children – Disney and more”

Hang out with Blu and a Rio 2 DVD giveaway

rio 2 dvd

N doesn’t really watch many films.  He will watch never ending Peppa Pig or Peter Rabbit, but put him in front of a film and he’ll want you to turn it off after 15 minutes.  Unless it’s Rio. Rio is the one film that he’ll request and sit and watch. Admittedly, I’ve never seen the ending because he always wants it off before the end. Annoyingly, he always wants to restart it from the beginning, rather than where we got… Continue Reading “Hang out with Blu and a Rio 2 DVD giveaway”

Enjoy Heroes of the City – giveaway

I’ve been seeing Heroes of the City around a fair bit recently online, so when the offer to review a pack came up, I was interested to find out more. Heroes of the City was created in Sweden as a tv cartoon series about Paulie the Police car and Fiona the fire engine coming to the rescue in their town.  We received a dvd, hardback book and die cast cars of the heroes themselves – all aimed at age 2-7… Continue Reading “Enjoy Heroes of the City – giveaway”