Mottisfont – an outdoor National Trust visit

A winter visit experience at National Trust Mottisfont for family fun - Bubbablue and me

With National Trust membership, I always feel like we should make the most of it whenever we’re away. So on our February break in the New Forest, we stopped at Mottisfont on the way home. N wasn’t impressed at doing another National Trust visit, but given I’d taken him to Peppa Pig World he owed me!  Once he knew there would be lunch boxes and water involved, he was happy.  He even told me to get out my camera to… Continue Reading “Mottisfont – an outdoor National Trust visit”

Festive shows – Cinderella and the Lost Slipper

cinderella show banner

N’s at that inbetween age where he’s getting a bit old for the pre-school type of theatre shows (or we’ve seen the ones we’d want to see), but isn’t old enough for full on theatre shows and musicals yet. Last year we decided that our local Mill arts centre’s Christmas showing was too old for him, but this year Cinderella and the Glass Slipper looked more likely. We were given tickets to go along to the show so we took… Continue Reading “Festive shows – Cinderella and the Lost Slipper”

A Waddesdon Manor Christmas festive visit

Festive christmas visit to waddesdon manor - Bubbablue and me

This year I’m really struggling to persuade N to come out with me. I guess most families go out all together, so if the OH came out then he’d be more willing. But this week the guys were turkey picking (ie plucking them) ready for Christmas orders. Usually N loves sitting in the box while the 3 or 4 of them pick the birds. But this time his dad said no because the box gets really dusty and full of… Continue Reading “A Waddesdon Manor Christmas festive visit”

A day trip to quirky Watermouth Castle

visiting quirky watermouth castle - Bubbablueandme

While on our camping holiday we’d had several recommendations from our camping buddies to visit Watermouth Castle.  I was told it was a rather quirky and twee adventure park, great for younger primary school age children.  I’m happy with quirky, so on our final full day, a group of us with younger children headed off to Watermouth. Watermouth Castle is like a miniature theme park for kids, complete with purpose built castle, activities, rides, gnomes and historical museum pieces.  All… Continue Reading “A day trip to quirky Watermouth Castle”

Farming and family fun at the first ever BBC Countryfile Live

Days out Countryfle Live - Bubbablueand me

As soon as I spotted the BBC were doing the first Countryfile Live show, and that it was local to us, I knew we would be going.  We’re farmers (well, N tells me I’m not, but I live on a farm and am married to one) and watch Countryfile every week.  As I’m sure most farmers do.  So of course it was an essential day out for us. We were lucky enough to get hold of tickets (blimey, by that… Continue Reading “Farming and family fun at the first ever BBC Countryfile Live”

How to fill an hour in Ilfracombe

How to fill an hour in Ilfracombe - Bubbablue and me

One foggy morning on our recent holiday to North Devon, I decided we’d go to Arlington Court, but with it not opening until 11, we decided to detour to Ilfracombe first. What can I say about Ilfracombe? Not a lot because there’s not that much there. An aquarium, the Anthony Gormley pregnant warrior sculpture, a lifeboat station and a land train. Other than that, not much. We parked for an hour before having a look in the lifeboat station and… Continue Reading “How to fill an hour in Ilfracombe”

Igniting an interest in cycling for children

Igniting an interest in cycling for children - Bubbablue and me

I’ve written so many times about N’s love of cycling and his bike, but recently that interest in cycling was brought alive by a last minute email from our neighbour about the Women’s Tour of Britain race. I’m usually quite up on what’s going on in and around our area, and book in visits and events in the calendar well in advance.  But sporting events seem to pass me by.  Being in a lovely rural area, complete with lots of… Continue Reading “Igniting an interest in cycling for children”

Chugging along at Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway

chugging away at Eastbourne miniature steam railway - Bubbablueandme

I always forget how little N still is, and so always book lots in both at home and on holiday.  For me, a holiday is about getting out and about and seeing things, where the OH (and it seems N) like to have a siesta even on holiday in the UK.  Our trip to Eastbourne was only 2 nights away, so I wanted to fit in as much as possible while we were there. N had picked up a Sussex… Continue Reading “Chugging along at Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway”

Play at Knockhatch Adventure Park

day trip to Knockhatch adventure park - Bubbablue and me

N definitely takes after me.  He loves leaflets.  Anywhere we go he’ll spot them and pick them up, and then spend ages ‘reading’ them.  The doctors surgery, museums, shops, sports centres.  So when we stopped at the services on the way to Eastbourne I knew he’d love to pick up some Sussex leaflets and that would help us decide what we’d do while on holiday. Only a few minutes into the journey he’d already spotted the electric quad bikes at… Continue Reading “Play at Knockhatch Adventure Park”

Christmas at Warwick Arts Centre – Gruffalo’s Child and The Lost Gift

Warwick Arts Centre Christmas - Lost Gift and Gruffalo's Child with lantern ceiling

I’ve refound my love of Warwick Arts Centre.  It’s only 25 minutes drive from us and it has so many great theatre shows, concerts and exhibitions, we really should make more use of it.  We saw Paddington Bear’s First Concert a few months ago, and around the same time I booked for both of their family Christmas shows. The first one, The Lost Gift was a spontaneous decision and I didn’t really know much about it.  But given we would… Continue Reading “Christmas at Warwick Arts Centre – Gruffalo’s Child and The Lost Gift”