Friends – the rules for a 6 year old boy

The friendship rules of a 6 year old - Bubbablue and me

Boys are a law unto themselves.  N definitely knows his own mind and he’s gone through life so far, being easy going. So easy going about everything including friends. I find watching him develop and his friendships change really interesting. I so should have been an anthropologist watching people!  He’s always got on well with people.  Probably because he’s pretty even tempered, adapts pretty well and is usually happy to be led. I despaired in the past, because I worried… Continue Reading “Friends – the rules for a 6 year old boy”

Making new nursery friends – partners in crime

water tubing in the nursery garden

Since January when N’s nursery school moved location it’s been a bit of a change for N.  Of course, he’s taken everything in his stride and it’s been a fairly minor change in terms of who’s been involved.  The nursery is now on its own site, and opens longer hours, so he now has tea there on a Thursday, and comes home at preschool time as usual on a Friday.  It’s a lot less stress for me, and means yippee,… Continue Reading “Making new nursery friends – partners in crime”

Childhood influence – forever friends?

cousins playing

As a baby grows into a toddler and onwards, childhood influence is an interesting one to watch.  I’m sure there are plenty of parents with older children that area despairing or pleased at their childrens’ influencers but at the moment with N, it’s just really interesting to watch his friendships develop and evolve. N’s now enjoys playing with other children, rather than just playing alongside.  Ever since he could talk, he was always talking about one boy L at nursery… Continue Reading “Childhood influence – forever friends?”