Bassetts vitamins for healthy kids and family fun

Bassetts vitamins for healthy kids - Bubbablue and me

Autumn’s arrived (although the weather hasn’t really turned cold yet), and winter will soon be upon us.  Lots of people think that means the onslaught of colds and lurgy going round, and having to hibernate inside.  Ok, so everyone likes a bit of chill out time in front of the fire, wrapped in a blanket and watching movies, but there’s so much still to see and do outside in autumn.  We’ve been sent the new Bassetts Vitamins 3-6 Multivitamins +… Continue Reading “Bassetts vitamins for healthy kids and family fun”

A bump on the head / what to watch out for

How to deal with head bumps - Bubbablue and me

The worst thing when your children are at school or nursery, has to be seeing the school office number coming up on your phone.  It’s happened a lot in the past.  At nursery for permission to give calpol and various bumps and scrapes warnings before I turned up and was horrified (well, that one was only once).  And school it seems that a bump on the head is N’s favourite method of injury. In reception year, the school got a… Continue Reading “A bump on the head / what to watch out for”

A first eye test


When you have a baby, the health check side of things are quite straightforward. You get notifications from your health authority when you need to make appointments. With the dentist, you just take them once their teeth come through, and the dentist prompts it when you go yourself. Then school happens and generally health checks transfer to blanket year group appointments at the school. Reception meant weight check and eye tests, then year 1 to 3 is flu spray time.… Continue Reading “A first eye test”

The tooth fairy cometh – first wobbly tooth

portrait outdoors

It’s another big first moment. Yes, N has his first wobbly tooth. It crept up on me.  I know several other 5 year olds who’ve recently lost their first, but thought we’d be waiting a bit longer.  But no, he woke on Monday morning telling me proudly that his tooth was wobbly. I think he was a little confused about how it’s still wobbly 2 days later.  He was obviously imagining a brief wobble and then it falling out immediately… Continue Reading “The tooth fairy cometh – first wobbly tooth”

Super speedy, super easy healthier nachos

easy and slightly healthier nachos - bubbablueandme

I love nachos and mexican food in general.  We do have fajitas quite often at home, but anything else is a treat.  Nachos wouldn’t class as a meal for the OH, so they’re something I have when out or with friends. But the other week before we went off camping I was trying to finish off bits and pieces of food in the fridge so decided to do myself some quick and easy healthier nachos for lunch. I say healthier,… Continue Reading “Super speedy, super easy healthier nachos”

Healing power of Natrasan First aid spray – giveaway

Natrasan first aid spray review and comp

Generally I’m quite relaxed about medical treatment for bumps and bruises.  We get a lot of bruises.  I think it’s genetic (plus I’m on warfarin so bruise more easily now), because as a child my mum always worried about all my leg bruises, and N’s the same.  My view is that it’s a sign of a great fun childhood, exploring with lots of physical exercise. I think N’s been pretty lucky as well.  He has had quite a few accident… Continue Reading “Healing power of Natrasan First aid spray – giveaway”

Get healthy with V8 Juice – giveaway

V8 V-fusion juice

I’ve been saying for ages I need to get more healthy and lose some weight, and by getting more fruit and veg into me has to help.  I do love a fruit juice in a morning with my breakfast, and as a non-tea or coffee drinker, it’s my alternative to a wake up drink in the morning. I’ve also started using veg in my juices more – I have to be careful not to include too much leafy greens as… Continue Reading “Get healthy with V8 Juice – giveaway”

Pregnant? Food for thought on healthy eating with Aptaclub

eating fish while pregnant

When I fell pregnant I’d been on a diet – lots of healthy eating and exercise, and was at my ideal weight.  Unfortunately, however much I wanted to eat well, my body was just craving food.  No savoury or sweet…just lots of food.  Not helped by sitting next to another pregnant woman at work who was suffering the same affliction.  I did eat well with junk stuff on top of that, but I can’t help but think that eating less… Continue Reading “Pregnant? Food for thought on healthy eating with Aptaclub”

Childhood bumps and out of hours visits

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For a 3 year old, N seems to have (touch wood) escaped all the terrible childhood scrapes, illnesses and hospital emergency visits that you quite often imagine you’ll be experiencing. Yes, he’s had a lot of bumps – the worst was tripping up a step at nursery and falling into the open patio door – exactly hitting the corner of the door frame diagonally across his face and nose – how he managed the precision on that, we’ll never know.… Continue Reading “Childhood bumps and out of hours visits”

The nits have hit

headlice treatment

I bet your head’s really itchy now isn’t it?! We’ve been having messages from nursery going round warning that headlice have been going round, and today I had a call to say N seems to have them.  Here was I hoping that him only having a proper hair wash once a week might have held them off, but obviously not. Even worse, I have to treat myself as well as him, and do super hot washes of all the pillows… Continue Reading “The nits have hit”