Go lifesize with paper people – kids activity

Paper people outline activity ideas for children - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes as a parent we come across something so simple that our children enjoy and wonder why we’ve never thought about it before. It’s only really been this year that N’s been interested in drawing (last year he discovered colouring was fun, this year It’s drawing and writing). He’ll surprise me by getting out numerous boxes of pens, pencils and other craft bits and pieces when I least expect it. It is annoying when I walk in to find sellotape… Continue Reading “Go lifesize with paper people – kids activity”

Make a pretty origami flower notelet

origami flower wreath

You might have seen my post on 5 ideas for easy and cheap (or free) paper ideas for children.  At the time of writing I’d not quite worked out the template for this one, but now I can bring you a template to make a pretty origami flower notelet. N received one of these as a thank you note, and I grabbed hold of it because I loved how it was folded.  I’m planning to make lots of these in… Continue Reading “Make a pretty origami flower notelet”

Papercuts with The Steady Hand

The Steady Hand papercuts

I like to think of myself as crafty (arty-crafty, rather than crafty sly!), but there’s no way I could have the steadiness or the artistic ability to do paper cutting.  It seems to have become a more popular craft nowadays, and with some of the results you can get, you can understand why. I was sent a bespoke paper cut by The Steady Hand, so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce paper cutting to my readers,… Continue Reading “Papercuts with The Steady Hand”

How to make a 3D snowflake

make a paper 3d snowflake

I’ve finally managed to get some crafting done.  It probably helps that to make a 3D snowflake I didn’t need to get the craft supplies out…well, apart from tracking down some glue dots! If you’ve not seen them over the internet yet, it’s basically a bit of cutting of paper, a bit of sticking, bit of rolling, and Bob’s your uncle (he is mine!), you have a beautiful, simple 3D snowflake, perfect for decorating a house for Christmas, or even… Continue Reading “How to make a 3D snowflake”