Toddlerisms #8: MY mummy

It’s been a while since I shared some Toddlerisms on the blog.  N’s been a bit slow on providing amusing phrases, but he’s started to become really protective over us, ie his mummy and daddy.

Nursery is where it’s been really noticeable.  It’s like he stakes his claim on me as I park the car and walk up the drive.  Their room has glass patio door style windows so after tea, they tend to play in areas along the windows so they can see when the parents come to collect them.

As I approach, I can usually see a few of the children with their noses against the window, they start waving.  Then once the door opens I can usually hear ‘it’s MY mummy’ from N.

That of course is if he’s not engrossed in some activity or other.  If that’s the case, he’ll ignore me until he hears the nursery staff or other children saying ‘N’s mummy’.

As soon as he realises it’s home time he has to say to every child who’s stood nearby that it’s ‘MY mummy’.  It’s so amusing, it’s as though he’s worried that the child standing next to him might leap over the gate and reach me first.

He’s really aware now of which mummy belongs to whom, as if other mums turn up while I’m there, there’s a commentary as he and the others report whose mum (or dad) has turned up.  It’s really cute, although I do hope he gives up on the glaring at the other children!

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