wasgij mystery 25 eurosound contest

Wasgij Mystery 25 Eurosound Contest solution

Anyone else a Eurovision fan?  I’m banned from watching it in our house, so have to watch the finals a bit delayed afterwards. Wasgij released a Eurovision inspired puzzle, Wasgij Mystery 25 Eurosound Contest! It really is as bright and colourful as the actual Eurovision contest is.

wasgij mystery 25 eurosound contest

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Being full of colour, it really makes this puzzle fairly easy to complete. With the mystery range you’re trying to work out what happens next from the box image.

Like all Wasgij jigsaws, this one was fun to do, and it was great to look out for some of the usual characters appearing.

The Wasgij Mystery 25 solution is full of characters inspired by former winners of past Eurovision competitions, so look out for your favourites.

If you’re looking for the solution, then scroll down to find the image and video. Alternatively if you’re looking for tips on how to complete a Wasgij without cheating, or find all my other completed puzzle images, you can see my how to do a Wasgij post.

I’m a big fan of a portapuzzle* when doing my puzzles, they’re easy to pack up rather than trying to find space on the table while you’re puzzling.

Here’s the Mystery 25 Eurosound Contest solution.

Let me know how you get on.

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