I’m yet to take my son to see The Tower of London, but a theft of the Crown Jewels are shown in the Wasgij Mystery 12 Unusual Suspects jigsaw puzzle.

One of the mystery Wasgij range, you need to work out what happens next to create the solution.

Wasgij Mystery 16 Unusual Suspects

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With plenty of Beefeaters (or Yeoman of the Guard), and jewels, I’d anticipated it being the ravens who’d run off with the treasure. It turned out to be little elves instead.

Once I’d got the main pieces in place I thought this would be an easy puzzle, but there was an awful lot of red. I had to go away and have a couple of days away from it before coming back and finding it then more straightforward to finish. I do like the mystery puzzle range though – it’s easier to work out the placement of the sections as the setting itself doesn’t change from the box image.

If you need the solution scroll on down for the image and a video.

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Wasgij Mystery 12 Unusual Suspects solution

How did you get on with this Unusual Suspects puzzle?

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