barber's chair in front of mirrors and blue tiles

Project 52 2020 week 35 – barber shop

Last week of the summer holidays and the 6 weeks have flown by. It was another week off work but again not much going on. Covid cases are going up, Oxford is on the government watch list with potential local lockdown. Hopefully it won’t be the rest of Oxfordshire too.

Here’s our week 35 for Project 52.

On Sunday the highlight was having to drive out to the fields to pick up the OH for lunch. It’s always a logistical nightmare with tractors and vehicles all over the place. I’ve not driven the ancient Discovery before so that was fun! N also had a junior tennis club session. We’ve been trying to get enough children who can and want to play matches, and have managed to put in a mini red and mini orange team. I’ll captain the orange team, although now I’ve got someone who can’t play the first Saturday, so just hoping it’s a home match so it’ll be the Sunday instead.

Monday I got the sewing machine out again. I was making bunting but made it differently to planned, and N was out on the farm, so he didn’t get to help. I was pretty pleased with it. I also made a little zip up pouch with box corners. I’m trying out lots of different items so I can practice. We decided to take down the paddling pool given the weather was getting colder and there were storms and winds on the way. We looked out the patio doors to see the German shepherd had somehow managed to get the tarp cover off it and was playing in the water. It was emptied and deflated just before the rain came.

On Tuesday it was wet most of the day, and very windy. As we weren’t going out anywhere and tennis was cancelled due to the wind, N wanted to get his hair cut. During lockdown his uncle cut it when he did all the men’s, then I’d been trimming it since then. We’d spotted a new barber shop in a nearby little town which had looked quite empty. Checked online and their booking system was very efficient. I booked for the same day.

When we arrived, we were the only ones there other than the 3 staff members. It was a lovely modern salon (not like the basic one we usually go to), with lots of space between the chairs, and plenty of room for social distancing. They were all mask and visored up, and supplied masks in case they got snipped by accident. N didn’t need to wear one, being under 11 so chose not to. For just £1 more than the usual barber’s we go to, and free parking, he has a smart new haircut. I think people wise they’re more friendly and lively at the usual barber’s, but for the lack of having to wait and queue, and a much quieter town, we’ll be back there I do hate having to say what hair cut he wants. Just short back and side, bit longer on top, and he wants to be able to stick it up.

Wednesday we had a lovely day. N had asked if his friend wanted to play tennis, so we met up for them to play in the morning. Then once they finished, we decided to go to a local cafe to sit in the garden area and enjoy hot chocolates and milkshake for N. The cafe is on a business park so it gets the workers and locals visiting. I’d never been before, but was lovely. Queuing for one in one out to takeaway. Most tables inside were taken and several outside were being used too. Plenty of space so the boys enjoyed a run around too.

After lunch they wanted to play again so I dropped N off and they had a playdate. It was nice for them to have some normality, for me to have acatch up chat. As the boys play tennis together and will be back in class together next week, it doesn’t feel silly letting them play together, much of which is outside anyway.

On Thursday N had his last tennis private. It was a really good session going back over the western grip he’s been taught on the forehand, but also trying it on the backhand. N said it felt good, so hopefully he’ll be able to work on that in his other lessons. It’s hard when switching coaches, but I’m trying to work out whether he can continue private lessons with this coach, or if we’ll have to go back to the main coach. Both are great coaches, but it makes sense to continue with this one, especially given the grip and footwork change they’ve been working on.

Friday we didn’t do much. I made a bag for my bunting – completed with bias binding and a tie closure. Hopefully it’ll mean I’ll put it somewhere sensible and will remember when I put it for when I need it. N’s group tennis lesson was on, but indoors due to the rain. There’s only 3 of them plus the coaches, and tennis is socially distanced naturally, but I was a little nervous given one of the kids had literally stepped off a plane from holiday that day. Not needing to quarantine though. Evidently it was a good session – usually I watch their tennis lesson, but as it was inside I just waited in the car. It means for a lot of reading opportunities!

Saturday was a weird day weatherwise. I’d planned to go to a sunflower field, but it was just too cold and rain showers were on and off. So we mooched around at home. N was totting up his pocket money I owe him for the last few months and working out when he’d be able to afford the Xbox steering wheel and accessories he’s saving for. It was such a cold day, I’ve switched the flip flops back for my slippers again. And the blankets have come out in the evenings. I’m hoping the Aga is getting a service soon because clothes are taking over 2 days to dry as we won’t put the heating on for a while yet.

barber's chair in front of mirrors and blue tiles

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    1. I always say I’m not creative at all, but I do like to get crafty stuff out. I’m not very imaginative though, so much better at following instructions.

  1. Oooh I’ve never made bunting before, this looks fab. That looks like a great idea. The older one does seem more reliable. Hope you are well xx

  2. We have so much material that I should get on with making some bunting at some point, you have inspired me!

    Awwww Discovery’s are awesome! We had one growing up and my parents literally ran it in the ground, until a mechanic brought it to life in France. The older style version keeps on going forever! Hope you are all havobg a lovely week! Sim x

  3. I’ve had my slippers on too and we are currently fighting over the blanket. I must get the other ones down. Sounds like Ns had a lovely last week of the holidays catching with friends and playing tennis. I am thinking about making some bunting it’s just finding the time! But I really want to give it a go!

    1. Yes, I have no time when I’m back at work, not even at weekends. It’s hard to fit in everything even when we’re not going out places.

  4. That barbers does look fab, especially like those blue tiles! Reading your post reminds me I need to get my eldest an appointment. Our blankets are out, dressing gowns too, its definitely getting chilly!

  5. Great to have found a new barber’s that meets requirements. Lovely to have got to play so much tennis this week too. You just reminded me, I need to put our big paddling pool away too. Not sure I can be bothered to day though ! lol

    1. It’s one of those chores you just think you’ll leave, and then realise when you do put it down that you should have done it ages ago!

  6. I think everyone stepping off a plane, anywhere in the world should have to quarantine/isolate both trips. I’m actually looking forward to 2 weeks with no interruption when I get back to the UK. Glad the play date and tennis went well, finding new places is always good, the milkshake stop sounds lovely and great to find a new hair dressers to go to, esp during all this

  7. The new barbers sounds good. H is about due another cut I think. He had one when barbers reopened, but it wasn’t a very drastic cut. Pity about the sunflower field trip – it hasn’t been the best week weather wise. I was hoping this weekend would be a bit better than it’s turning out to be.

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