where to watch christmas movies

Where to watch Christmas romance movies

If you’re a fan of Christmas and rom coms then you probably already discovered that you’re a fan of Christmas romance movies. Christmas films don’t just have to be family viewing complete or with lots of animated cartoons. If you have not yet discovered the Christmas cheesy romance movie then you’re in for a treat because there’s always plenty to view.

Now they won’t be for everyone, because as I mentioned, they are cheesy and they all do pretty much follow the same plot pattern. There’s always girl meets boy, usually has a disagreement or has a past history. Then something throws them together usually involving numerous Christmas stereotypical events and activities. They then end up falling in love and living happily ever after.

where to watch christmas movies

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If they’re not set in a pretty Christmassy (often snowy) town in America or Canada then you’ll often find some kind of Prince in a random European made up country or Ireland.

I can’t get enough of them. It makes a difference from my psychological thrillers or dramas that I would usually watch.. You can’t beat a bit of romance at Christmas. It appeals to my Libran characteristics of loving a bit of romance.

And these Christmas movies don’t just start at Christmas.

Christmas movie channels usually start around September time and even normal Freeview channels start showing Christmas movies in October. Just watch out because there are lots of repeats so if you’re like me and want to record them for viewing on catch up you don’t want to end up rewatching the same movies over and over again in the same Christmas season.

Each year the Hallmark Channel releases tens of movies, So you’ll never be short of viewing opportunities. All of the TV channels show repeats from previous years so if you miss some, you can always catch up the next when the new releases from the previous year are shown on free TV. Hallmark aren’t the only Christmas movie production channel though so just keep a watch out for what is on and you’ll soon find a veritable trove of Christmas romance films to watch.

But I don’t have Sky and the Hallmark Channel. I hear you say. If you don’t have Sky you might not get to see the latest releases but there’s so many In the back catalogues that you won’t be short of viewing over the holiday season and into the New Year.

Here;s some of the places that you can watch Christmas movies for free, and the paid for channels to watch out for. I’m writing from the British point of view so if you’re living elsewhere, check out online or search on the guide on your TV service to see what’s available in your area from around September.

Where to watch Christmas romance movies


Great Movies Christmas (previous Sony Movies Christmas). Usually they change one of the Great Movie channels to become 24 hours a day Christmas movies. This has already started this year, so get your Christmas fix early. Found on Freeview channel 51.

Channel 5. Channel 5 usually shows Christmas movies from around 10:30 in the morning through the day to around 6 o’clock. These usually start around the end of October. Weekends are all so primetime Christmas movies when he gets nearer the seasonal date

Paramount Network. Christmas films on Paramount usually play overnight so you might have to set the recorder. These aren’t usually classic Hallmark style but sometimes there are some good films you just need to trawl through the rotten ones.

Other Freeview channels you may find romantic Christmas movies on include ITV4, BBC and Channel 4, although these are likely to be bigger blockbusters like The Holiday and Love Actually rather than those who churn out Christmas movies each year on their channels. There’s usually another Freeview channel that is turned over to Christmas films too, but I’ve not spotted that this year yet.

Paid for Christmas movies

If you have streaming and paid for tv, then your options are wider.

Even without Sky it’s easy to find Christmas themed movies to watch. Not only at Christmas because some will also be available outside the season. But don’t forget that many movies will be free to watch through your subscription but then have a rental cost later on (if it’s still available).

Both Amazon Prime and Netflix produce a few of their own Christmas romance movies, as well as showing numerous previous releases. Being able to add to your watch list is a much easier way to keep track of movies you’ve watched. (If you’re a list lover, create your own watched lists over at I Check Movies and avoid duplicating viewing!).

Through Amazon Prime* (US here) you can also sign up to Hallmark Movie Channel. This means you get everything free, and if you only want Christmas movies, then you can cancel once the season is over. However, you might get hooked because they also do autumn themed films, and others through the year. You can sometimes do a free 7 day trial, so pick your timings for over the holiday season if you’ve got time off work to be able to leave the kids to their own devices, while you curl up and enjoy some romantic films. Don’t forget to note the date to cancel.

I’m already recording some of the early films that are new to me that I’m spotting on Freeview, and I’ll be making the most of any time left in the house on my own to catch up on them.

Where do you watch Christmas movies? What type are your favourites?

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  1. I was considering the other day whether it was too early to put on a Christmas film, but I might well do that this weekend. Can’t wait to see which cheesy new ones Netflix has!

  2. Ohh! I love the cheesy Christmas films but don’t start watching them until at least November then I will overdose on them. hehehe I love the Princess Switch ones and the A Christmas Prince one but last year I totally fell in love with the Dolly Parton one, Christmas on the Square x

    1. Don’t think I’ve seen the Dolly one, but I only have Netflix, prime and freeview so don’t usually get the new ones tol a year after. Those princess switch ones were fun.

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