Micro Riderz giveaway – they’re mini but ride big!

N’s not big on playing with cars. Give him tractors, lorries, quad bikes, trains and he’s happy though.

When I spotted these Micro Riderz Loop and Jump sets, I knew these would be hours of fun for him, and probably lots of other children.

micro riderz loop and jump pack

The Micro Riderz are only 4.5cm long, but are really speedy.  If they were scaled up, the equivalent speeds of up to 470mph! To make them go, you just rev them up and let go, with them able to reach up to 60 metres distance.

They also do tricks. You just build the course you want – the sets include loop and ramps (and 2 bikes), and enjoy having fun.  To be honest, I reckon my 36 year old brother would love these as much as N!

They’d be great for Christmas presents, and I’m already thinking about the December to February birthday party rush.  These could be added to my birthday present stash that I’m struggling to keep hidden from N.

A set costs £9.99 from Red5, but if you’re too impatient,  I’ve been given 3 Micro Riderz loop and jump sets to giveaway for my readers.  So just enter via the rafflecopter widget – answering the question in the comments for the mandatory entry and one of the 3 sets could be yours in time for Christmas.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. UK entry only, over 18s
  2. Giveaway closes 11.59pm 1st November 2015
  3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
  4. There are 3 prizes of Micro Riderz jump and loop sets. The prize may vary from the photo
  5. The data of anyone that enters won’t be passed on to any third parties or used for any unsolicited marketing communications.
  6. Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, with further notifications  shared on social media.
  7. Winner will be notified via email, and will need to respond with their postal address within 2 weeks otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
  8. Prize will be sent out within 30 days
  9. This giveaway may be featured on Loquax, Prizefinder and Superlucky


Disclosure: I’ve been given 3 sets to giveaway.

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181 thoughts on “Micro Riderz giveaway – they’re mini but ride big!

  1. My Julip horses because I was horse mad and desperately wanted my own but I wasn’t even able to ride so that was as close as I could get!

  2. My paper dolls…made by my friend and I, we’d spend hours designing outfits for them! My son would love to win this great prize!

  3. I got a doll for Christmas when I was 3.5 years old and I loved her, she had hair, eye lashes, smelled of vanilla and shed move her head when you squeezed her, very high tech in mid 80’s x

  4. I had a little doll that fit in my pocket, it had a pull string and said lots of different things. I have no idea what they were called but i loved mine

  5. mine was a plastic ladybird pushchair that was green, yellow with a red & black spotty hood, it was great I used to to transport and push around all my dolls and teddies 🙂

  6. My fave toy was my cabbage patch dollmy gran brought it back from canada when i was 4 and i loved her. She went everywhere with me, i think my mum still has her in the loft ☺

  7. My favourite toy was my dolls house. I would spend hours re-arranging the furniture and decorations and then could while away many an afternoon playing with the family and inventing stories and lives for them!

  8. My teddy ‘Bill’ we used to play lots of board games together and sometimes he’d beat me! He is a bit raggy now with buttons for eyes, but I still have him.

  9. I loved my roller skates. I used to think people were really impressed with how fast I was was on them when actually I was pretty average lol

  10. Jem and the holograms dolls, because she came with a casette with her theme tune, and because, Jem oOOOoooh Jem, Jem is amazing OOoooOOH, fashion and glitter, fashion and fame, oooOOOooh Jem!

  11. I loved my pull along snoopy dog – he used to drive my mum nuts as I used to take him everywhere- We were always going back for him!

  12. I had a fabulous space hopper on which I bounced around the neighbourhood in utter glee before it finally deflated leaving me heartbroken x

  13. i loved my little bear bus! i had a major eye operation when i was 5 and my aunt bought it for me when i came home and it was the best toy I ever had! i loved it dearly!

  14. Mine was star war figures as i loved going to see the film when it was first release and blowing my mind as a child 🙂

  15. My favourite was my story telling mother goose and I still have her over 25 years later and she still works perfectly

  16. I loved my Barbie Dream Cottage as you could change it’s layout and made a cool place for my cat to sleep! I wasn’t allowed the cat in my room but Mum never knew it was in the cottage ; )

  17. Being a 70s 80s child toys of this era were magical. I loved them all but my favourite was my sandy house being only knee high to a grasshopper myself it was bigger than me .it even had a lift and all wonderful furniture inside would love to see it again in its glory. ❤️

  18. The best ever were my metal wheeled roller skates which laced over my shoes, never having had a bike these were epic back in the day. Mind you, I had many a bleeding ankle from clipping them with the skates but it gave me freedom so was well worth the pain!

  19. Matchbox cars and Lego – the latter to build garages, tunnels, roadways, etc. Why? Don’t know maybe a boy thing!!

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