Easy circle garland for Christmas

Easy homemade Christmas wooden garland

I’ve been planning to make some circle garlands for a while. The ones I’d been looking at were felt circles sewn together, but I could see myself screwing up my sewing machine with the threads inbetween the circles. You can also do these with paper or card. But I decided to try and easier version using wooden discs. Here’s my quick and easy wooden garland make.

Easy circle garland for Christmas, showing 2 strings of circle garlands.

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These circle garlands are so pretty and very versatile. You can string whole rows of them across a mantlepiece, above a bed, for party decorations or photo backdrop. You could hang them vertically to create a different angled backdrop.

I had ordered 2 different size wooden discs, but only the one size turned up. But you can mix and match your sizes.

wooden garland supplies

You can also colour them as you want to suit your theme. I used metallic markers for mine, but you could use Sharpies, paint them, or use spray. Just make sure you colour both sides and edges. With wood sometimes the colour soaks in a bit so if you want really vibrant colour you might need to do a second layer.

metallic coloured wooden discs

Then it’s simply a case of glueing the discs onto ribbon, thread or string at intervals. I used a red and white string because I couldn’t find a narrow enough ribbon in my stash. But you can experiment with different widths and lengths.

I made quite a long length, long enough that it will go across the length of our living room, but for shorter distances I can double up the hanging. Ideally you want to stick the string to the top part of the circle, not the middle like I did. That way, they’ll hang straight against the wall.

If you can’t get hold of wooden discs (or any other shapes you might want to use), you could try using cardboard. Cereal boxes would work well, and you could cut 2 circles and stick them together sandwiching the string inside to make it even neater, and thicken the card a bit more.

attaching wooden discs together with string

These circular garlands look great in tonal colours – all shades of one colour, I did metallics, or you could do contrasting colours or rainbow mix. Alternatively try red or white patterns on the wooden background for a Scandi Christmas look.

How to make a wooden disk circle garland

You need:

  • Thin wooden discs, size of choice – the ones I bought were 3.5cm discs* but there are different sizes available. I wouldn’t go over 5cm otherwise the garland could end up too heavy.
  • String or thin ribbon of choice – buy by the reel then you’ve more flexibility of length. But you want 2 metres for a decent length garland.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pens or paint to colour the discs. I used similar to these metallic markers*

To make the garland, you just need to colour in both sides of the discs and let them dry. Put a line of glue from the glue gun across the top third of the disc and attach the string across. Leave enough string at the end to use for hanging up. Repeat with more discs leaving a gap of around 5cm, until you’ve a garland the length you want.

wooden circle garland

While I used metallic colours, you could choose any colour scheme you wanted to match your Christmas tree, or even in pastels for a christening garland or wedding. If you want to hang these string vertically rather than as a garland, either have only a few per string, or sandwich the string or ribbon between 2 discs to keep it more secure.

wooden circle garland hung up on the wall

You can find printable instructions below.

Wooden circle garland

Make a simple garland using wooden discs

Total Time 1 hour
Author Emma


  • wooden discs
  • string, twine or narrow ribbon


  1. Colour in both sides of the discs you’re using.

  2. Heat up the glue gun, then put a line of glue across a third of the way from the top of a disc. Attach to the string (leave enough string at the end for hanging

  3. 3-5cm along the string add another disc, and continue until all discs are used or you have the length you want.

  4. Once totally cooled, string up.

This post was written for Blogmas day 8.

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