gift ideas for rock music lovers

Gift Guide for rock music lovers – children or adults

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In our house you can’t often get away from rock music. While I pretty much stopped listening to Guns n Roses after I finished secondary school, the OH continued his love of rock music into adulthood. Now he’s got N into it, and I can live with some of it in limited doses. I’ve got an eclectic music taste, but theirs is pretty limited, much to my despair.

Sometimes you just have to go with it, and it does give Father Christmas some options for themed Christmas gifts that I know N will like.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for rock music lovers, then check out some of the ideas below.

gift ideas for rock music lovers, zoomed in guitar with multicoloured fairly lights draped over.

Gift ideas for rock music lovers

Rock band t-shirts

Band t shirts are the obvious ones, but make sure you find official websites in absence of gigs happening at the moment. N had a fab ACDC one when he was younger, although I do find that a lot of rock t shirts are black or grey. Not my favourite colours for children. Also look out for quote t shirts – he currently has a Bon Jovi quote t shirt that is a favourite.

If you can’t find your favourite why not buy or make customised t-shirts from Zazzle* or similar personalisation websites. That way you can choose your own item – shopping bags, caps, t shirts, hoodies, the colour and whatever quote or design you want. I’m planning to do my own t shirt for N this year with a selection of his favourite band names on.

Album cover jigsaw puzzles

With lockdowns, doing puzzles has become popular again, and now there’s a good choice of (what look like fairly challenging) rock album jigsaw puzzles available called Rock Saws*. Choose from a selection of bands like Def Leppard, Guns n Roses, ACDC, as well as various album cover options, all 500 pieces..

Plectrum maker

If you’ve got a guitarist to buy for, a plectrum maker* could be a quirky present option. I bought one of these for my brother a few years ago and he said it was one of the best gifts he got. You just use any old credit cards or similar plastic to make the plectrums.

Alternatively there are some gorgeous plectrums* on sale, including personalised ones.

Playlist suggestions

Ok, it’s not the same nowadays compared with the old days of creating a mix cassette, but adding playlist suggestions to a Christmas card, or making one into a piece of artwork is a really nice personalised gift.

Popmaster game (Ginger Fox)

Not so much rock, but if you know someone who’s a fan of the Popmaster quiz on Radio 2, then the Popmaster board game would be a great gift for them. With all the questions, and the 3 in 10 round, everyone can test their pop knowledge.

popmaster quiz game

Musicals tickets

If you’ve got children you want to get into theatre going, and you want an introduction to musicals that isn’t too cheesy, then there are options for rock music lovers. Try School Of Rock – my son loved this and I bought him myself the soundtrack. Or Rock of Ages (too old for my son at the moment, but he likes the soundtrack). If they’re not currently running, try the film versions or soundtracks.

Alternatively for a special gift – The Who’s Tommy returns to Broadway in 2021 (maybe in future it’ll be touring or back in London too)

Marshall Fridge

Have a man den or music room? This fridge would be perfect to store beers in for parties.

Fender baseball cap

Let them stake their equipment brand with this Fender baseball cap

Umbrella – for those with classical tendencies

If you’re not a rock fan, but are more into classic music, I’m loving this music themed umbrella as a stocking filler or small gift idea.

Got book lovers in your family rather than music fans, why not check out my gift guide for book lovers.

What other things would you give to your rock music loving family members?

This post was written for Blogmas day 7.

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