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The days when things just don’t go right

There are some weeks which just don’t go right.  Generally they’re a little blip, maybe you drop food all over the floor one day, or there’s one little accident.  Of course ‘not going right’ depends on the level of stress.

I tend to be fairly relaxed about things, but little things niggle.  Mostly because we don’t really have big things go wrong.

So far in the last week there’s been numerous annoying niggles (and bigger):

Toe nails

Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing a photo.  I have funny big toe nails because since a couple of years ago, they don’t seem to grow to a decent length before they split vertically and then a chunk of nail falls off.  In winter that’s not a problem because they’re ensconsed in socks and boots, but now I’m back dancing (in pretty dance sandals) with flip flop weather on the way it’s not ideal.

This weekend, my left nail decided it would break off halfway down the nail.  So it looks delightful – half a pretty pink painted toe nail, and half not.  I’ve tried fungal creams in case that was the problem, but I don’t know if it’s had a trauma (discounting the time just before a ballet show aged 9 when I dropped a china cup on my toe nail) and that’s what’s causing it to not grow properly.  It’s a little irksome especially when I put on my lovely dance shoes and see half a painted toe nail.

dancing shoes

Obstinate child

Before Easter I gave N the choice of holiday club.  Unfortunately the one he wanted to go to to see his old friend is running on a different easter holiday schedule because it’s just into Warwickshire, so he’s got a week in his after school club place instead.  Usually there’s a few school age children there,  although this week he told me that it was all nursery children that he didn’t know.  Not that it would probably bother him because I’m sure he’d be happy telling them what to do.

But one morning he told me he couldn’t go to holiday club because it meant he would miss the whole of Octonauts!  What?!  I wasn’t impressed.  He watches enough tv in my opinion, so missing one show that he’s not usually that interested in, doesn’t matter.

His proclamation almost matches the statement when we were away after Easter telling me ‘Mummy, I don’t want to go away for Easter ever again with you, because I want to have breaktimes at Auntie J’s house, and I need to do farming’.  Cheek, especially when I take him to great places, arrange playdates, spend time with him when I’m not working, and he has a great time when he’s with me.  But I suppose 5 year olds do have a tendency to see things in the here and now, and think that they’re the ones making all the decisions.

Mobile phones and sim swaps

My mobile is nice and simple, but the OH’s mobile phone is not.

All those years ago my Mother-in-law set up an account with contracts for the OH and his brother.  Over the years with upgrades, the joint set up is no longer relevant.  The OH never does any ordering himself (his excuse is that he can’t do it), so I’ve always picked up the upgrades which is never easy having to ring up and pretend I’m the account holder, or nowadays doing it online.

Online is brilliant, until you have a phone change which needs a different SIM card.  Because although previously I’ve managed to set me up as a contact person, and set up on the account to do most things, with SIMs it’s all about the account holder only.

This time has been even harder than ever.  I went into store to see if they could move all the numbers over from the old to new phone and activate the SIM. But somehow my name’s been removed from the account even though all the emails still come to me.  So I had a wasted journey into town and no phone activation.  We tried to do a SIM swap online.  Which was fine until it asked me to put in a phone number…and I put in my own automatically.  Argghh.

6 hours later I haw no phone signal on my phone and the OH’s new phone was receiving calls and messages for me!  Oops.  The next morning I try the online chat – no joy, and I’m told to ring up to reactivate my previous SIM.  And 21 hours later it still wasn’t complete.  I wasn’t totally without my phone because the wifi was still working, but it did make me think about driving out late at night without a live phone.

Finally it did reactivate, but then we had to try and sim swap the OH’s phones again.  Painful.  And in future I’ve decided I’m not doing anything to do with the OH’s phone again.  Every time he upgrades, I’m the one that gets the hassle and tries to sort it out, when they need to get it all put in his name.

Car driving

I had a panic the other day when I went off to dancing.  Our roads had been a little water logged but nothing too spectacular, and it had cleared up and was looking like it would be a nice 45 minute drive.  Until I slowed to go into the village and heard a flapping sound.

Speeding up again the noise was gone, until I slowed again.  It sounded like a bird flapping around on the left hand side of the car and then underneath.  I noticed a pedestrian look round as I drove past and then a car pulling out of a side street flashed me.  It was very odd and I was worried there was something seriously wrong with the car.  That wasn’t great given I’m trying to buy another car and would want to sell mine

I decided against going dancing- with no phone I didn’t want to risk breaking down somewhere, and returned home, asking the OH to drive the car and see if he could find anything wrong.  I’d checked around the car but there was no sign of feathers, nothing hanging down or falling off.  And of course, the OH couldn’t hear the noise.

The next morning I go out to the car wondering what I’ll find.  But there was thankfully no noise.  I think the flapping sound was a whole lot of puddle water which must have splashed up and inside the underneath of the car, swashing around as I drove, and then draining out once I’d parked again.

A relief, but annoying that I missed dancing because I’d been so worried about it.

Sometimes it can be a niggly week, and I’m just waiting to see what else might go wrong.

Have you had any recent things going wrong? Any weird car or phone goings on in your house?

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  1. What a week, I have had a very stressful 2 weeks which I will be sharing soon I think (its great to offload). Have you seen someone about your toe? They may have a solution for you.

  2. Wow, what a week, sometimes everything just goes the wrong way 🙁 I changed my own phone earlier this year and needed a new SIM card too – the whole process became amazingly complicated, these things really should be a lot easier!

  3. My phone hasn’t backed itself up for weeks and I was so annoyed I was about to smack it. Anything “phone-y” really annoys me if it doesn’t work instantly. Sounds like you’ve had quite a week but it’s good to rant and get it out sometimes. Better out than in and all that x

  4. Oh no sorry to hear about your toe, I used to have a toe nail like that, it was always bruised and did not grow. What kind of dance do you do?

    1. Modern jive/ceroc at the moment, with a bit of West coast swing thrown in. I’ve just got back into it after 5 years off and I’m loving it again.

  5. Sounds like it was one of those weeks. If it doesn’t rain it pours doesn’t it. Always seems like something is going on. Don’t talk to me about toenails. Hate them. I lost my 2 big toe nails to mt Kilimanjaro lol x

  6. Oh I can totally relate – I’ve been having one of those weeks, mainly with the kids driving each other up the wall and nothing I do for them has worked properly or appeased them! Nightmare! Hope next week is better for you (and me haha!) H x

  7. I get days like this sometimes, little things like forgetting my work pass when I leave for work or spilling my tea and it always seems worse than it is. Hope things are better now x

  8. Yep, for one, our house sale has gone pfft. I’m still upset about it, that’s why I haven’t written an update about it yet. But we’re still moving. Anyway, love your shoes! And anything to do with phones can be really annoying. x

  9. I get those days or week as well – nothing seems to go right – from bills to hospital to broken cutlery and loads more. I just try and keep myself going but wonder “what next”
    Hope you a have better time now xx

    1. Thanks Spencer. It’s all looking better now after a good night dancing, a chat with a friend, and both mine and the OH’s phones now working.

      Hope you have a good week

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