Hair wash time

N’s now got to the washing stage.

Washing himself.

He’s always been quite keen on cleaning his face with wipes after eating, but now he wants to wash himself in the bath.

Usually we just bubble bath – we’ve been using our Child’s Farm bath and hair wash with a lush tangerine-y smell, but his dad always uses retro Matey – with a bit of dentinox shampoo thrown in.  He loves bubble bath so much and we’re trying to encourage him to clean with his sponge.

He can’t be bothered though.  He just wants to use his hands and the bubbles to clean himself.  He’s known the main parts of his body for a while now, so we’re working on the little details, chest, behind the ears, under the arms etc.   He’ll sit in the bath and rub bubbles all over himself commentating while he does it. “Legs, neck, bubbles on tummy, behind ears”.

This evening we progressed to washing his hair with bubbles.  And he had to be stood up to do it.  Strange child!  Unfortunately he’s only managed the putting the bubbles on his head and rubbing, but can’t be bothered to do the rinsing.  Or his version of rinsing is to drip the one dribble of water from the base of his boat toy near his head.  Think he’s got some way to go before properly washing his hair for himself.

He never wants to get out of the bath…the easiest and quickest way is to tell him that daddy’s going to turn on the shower.  He’s standing up and trying to climb out before you’ve finished the sentence as he’s still not a shower fan despite not minding when his face gets wet the rest of the time.

What do your kids like to do in the bath (and keep it clean…chortle, chortle!)?

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