autumn leaves - looking down

Project 365 – photo a day week 46

Another week, and another mish mash of photos.  Earlier in the week, I was struggling that much with remembering to take photos that I was taking random photos of drinks containers in a meeting I was in!

Our Nan’s just had to go into a care home as she has dementia and can’t look after herself at home.  So on Sunday, we had to go and visit, and take her some of her clothes, photos and bits and bobs from home.  First thing to do was a nightie purchase…harder than you might think if a supermarket’s your only quick option and you’re looking for a long cotton nightie.  Despite my brother having his eyes shut, I love how N insisted on holding his hand, and striding alongside.

uncle and nephew shopping

Monday was my really random photo day.  I did have a couple of photos of N, but they were shockers and uneditable.  This was at a work meeting off site.  Love the reflections, but mostly I liked the name plate pattern – I was intrigued that the ones on our table were the same colour as the ones on the next, but when sitting at our table the colours looked totally different.

10th Nov 14 (Mon)

Tuesday was another random, although I quite like the looking down shots.  Our work is currently working out of 2 different buildings, so we quite often get a 5 minute walk if we’ve got meetings in the other place.  Hopefully we’ll be in one building soon.

striding down the street

Wednesday and we were still eating our way through the final leftovers of the first pumpkin pie I made, with pumpkin puree made from our pumpkin.  It seemed to go down well with N and I liked it too, so I’m sure we’ll be having it again next year.

Trying pumpkin pie for the first time

Thursday, I took N out for a meal at Pizza Express.  The OH was away on a shoot for a couple of days, so I couldn’t be bothered to cook.  With an INR check after work, cooking would have been a bit of a rush, and having a 25% off was a big draw.  We had a lovely time and N liked being given one of the hats to wear.

pizza express chef hat

I really should try and organise more quick catch ups or play dates on Fridays after nursery as it so often feels like dead time.  The OH came back for a few hours before setting off again for another overnighter.  We did a bit of a wander on the farm, I’m surprised there’s still so many leaves around that haven’t yet been turned to mush.

autumn leaves - looking down

Saturday has been a really foggy day at home.  We headed out at 9ish, but even by 11.30, it was still pretty misty and remained so most of the day.  Never one to miss out having a wander, N was asking about the berries on the trees, and exploring the leaves which were in the hollows usually filled by puddles.  Disappointment at the lack of water I think, in the picture below.

where's the puddle gone

Onto next week, and I really will try and make more effort to look out and about.

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    1. Thanks Jaime. Hope so too. We’ve been having a lot of hassle about sorting out her finances and place for her, so just hoping it all works out and next year can be a bit better for us all.

    1. PE is great because it always feels a bit more special and not as ‘kiddy’ even though they cater well for children.
      I made my own pumpkin spice, so will have to try more recipes with it next year.

  1. Love the picture of N looking at the leaves. You made me laugh taking pics of random stuff at work. Did anyone see you do it? I’m always wary of being caught taking pictures of random stuff!

    1. I usually get caught coming back from lunch and taking close up shots of flowers hanging over nearby houses’ fences, or shots of buildings. Very embarrassing. I’ve not yet managed to give a legitimate reason without sounding a bit rubbish.

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